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How To Save Money On Hair Extensions 

Friday 01st Jul 2022 |

Hair is such a gamechanger when it comes to how you look. Taking care of your body and face is essential, but lousy hair can make all that unnoticeable. If you don’t care or help your hair look its best, it can take away from your looks, how you present yourself, and even your self-confidence. 

However, human hair is highly demanded and has become a multibillion-dollar industry. You may see celebrities or famous personalities who have probably spent a ton of money to have their hair styled in any way they like. Luckily, there’s a more affordable way to style your hair while still looking your best. This can be in the form of hair extensions. 

Costs Of Hair Extensions 

Hair extensions can indeed get quite expensive. Many save money just to get natural-looking and professionally installed extensions, blending seamlessly into their natural hair. 

The average person pays $150–$300 for a weave installation, while others might cost somewhere between USD$100 to USD$1,500 depending on the style and salon. 

For a clearer breakdown of hair extension costs, check out the list below: 

  • Partial Tape-In Extensions: USD$200 
  • Sew-In Extensions Starting Price: USD$275 
  • Glued-In Extensions: USD$300 to USD$500 
  • Bonded Extensions: USD$1,500 to USD3,000 
  • Micro Bead Extensions: USD200 (not including the installation fees) 

Different Kinds Of Extensions And How Long They Last 

There are different kinds of extensions on the market, and it can be pretty confusing if it’s your first time looking into it. The main difference is in what they’re made of and how they’re installed. For starters, extensions can be made from synthetic or natural hair, and the latter is usually more expensive. 

  • Tape-In: Usually made from human hair held together by double-sided keratin tape. 
  • Sew-In: Extensions are sewn with your natural hair using a needle and a thread. 
  • Weave: These are hair extensions that are sewn into braids. 
  • Fusion: This type can include methods like glueing, bonded, microbeads, link, or loop hair extensions. 
  • Glued-In: The keratin-bonded hair extensions are ironed into natural hair, so it melts and bonds. 
  • Bonded: This involves using keratin-based polymer to attach the extensions to the hair without using heat. 
  • Micro-bead: Uses a silicone-lined metal crimp bead to crimp the extension to the natural hair. 

Extensions Vs. Weaves 

There’s often a misunderstanding that weaves and extensions are the same. However, as mentioned above, a weave is a specific type of extension. Here’s a clear differentiation: hair extensions are segments of hair that can be attached to your natural hair, while weaves are a type of hair extension that are sewn into braids. Either way, whether you’re getting a weave or a different kind of hair extension, it can indeed transform how you look. 

Save Money On Hair Extensions 

You can get a pretty hefty bill after installing some extensions, especially if you want the best of the best. Think Hollywood-level hair extensions, the type that blends perfectly and naturally. But it’s also possible to save money while getting the best extensions for you. All you have to do is follow these tips. 

Set A Practical Budget 

The first thing you’ll want to do is to set a reasonable budget for all the hair extensions you want to be installed. Your budget should include the total number of extensions, installation fees, and maintenance if needed. 

Looking and feeling good is essential, but you don’t want to put all your chips on hair extensions. If you feel like you can’t afford it just yet, then take the time to save on it. In the meantime, you can research the salons in your area, what kinds of hair extensions are available, and the final look you want. 

Think Of How Often You’ll Be Wearing Them 

Some people get hair extensions for special occasions, while others wear extensions daily. So, you’ll want to consider that before spending on it, so that you can spend on something right for your lifestyle. 

If you only want to wear hair extensions for specific times, like a party, a date, or more, then look for something more temporary. Clip-ins are great temporary hair extensions that can help you save money. They’re more affordable, and you can put them on yourself, so no salon or professional installation fees are needed. 

But if you wear hair extensions often, investing in high-quality and professionally installed permanent extensions would be better. Look for ones that last longer even after washing and styling every day. 

On the other hand, some like to wear different hair extensions every day. This is because they might want to change their look so that they could put in different colours, styles or even textures. If so, you’ll wish for affordable and easy-to-put extensions because you’ll want several in your collection for variety. 

Get Professional Installation 

If it’s your first time, or if you’re not confident in your skills, it’s best to get them professionally installed. This is because if you try to put on permanent hair extensions on your own, you can ruin your natural hair and the extensions. This will not just be a waste, but you’ll also end up with a higher tab to fix up your natural hair. So, look for good quality services, installation, and extensions for a fair price. 

Learn How To Care For The Extensions Properly 

People often say that if you take care of your belongings, they can last forever. This is the same for extensions. Maybe not forever, but you can make them last a long time. Hairstyling involves many products for heating, brushing, teasing, and more, so it’s understandable how your hair and hair extensions can get damaged. 

However, if you care for your extensions, you might even double their lifespan, which can help you save more money. The key is to research how to care for your specific type of extensions. You could even ask your hairdresser how you can properly wash them, detangle them, dry them, and more. This is because every type of extension will require specific maintenance methods. 

Try Beginner-Friendly Extensions 

The next tip is to look for easy-to-maintain extensions so you can do everything on your own. More advanced and expensive hair extensions will require regular trips to the salon so they can be refitted, cleaned, fixed, reattached and more. If you’re not fond of these trips, you can look for hair extensions that are easy to put on, clean, style, and more. 

Look For A Salon Or A Longterm Hairdresser 

If you’re going to get professionally installed hair extensions, check all the salons near you and look for the right hairdresser that can give you what you want. This means looking for one who specializes in hair extensions, your hair type, and someone you feel comfortable with. This is because you’ll want to stick to a specific salon or hairdresser you can trust with your natural hair and extensions. You’ll also be able to save money since the hairdresser will know what to do with your hair as they’ve worked with you before. 

Take Care Of Your Natural Hair 

The next thing you want to do to save money is to take care of your natural hair. This way, you can get your hair to grow to the length you’re happy with. This means you won’t always have to rely on hair extensions. And taking care of your hair also means that it will be strong enough to hold the extensions, so they don’t fall or break off. Damaged and brittle hair isn’t great for attaching hair extensions, and if you force it, it will likely be a waste because it might just break off eventually. 

Look For Used Extensions 

The next thing you can do is to look for used hair extensions. Used ones will mean they’ll be half the price or even more. But understand that there will be some downsides to this, so make sure you examine them before purchasing. 

Make sure the extensions match your hair colour or are the right colour you’re looking for. Check the length, condition, and how many hair extensions are available. You’ll want to skip it if it’s damaged because it might not last anyway. 

Look For Reviews 

Look for specific extensions, salons, or hairdressers’ reviews to see if their installations are worth the money. There are all kinds of hair nightmares that you can find on the internet, and that’s something you wouldn’t want. So, check reviews on third-party websites and narrow them down to good-quality hair extension services. Look for those with glowing reviews to see which would be the best choice. 

Don’t Rush It 

Rushing your hair transformation can be one of the biggest mistakes in hair care, as you might not spend enough time looking into the processes, the quality, or even the options available. Take your time to do some window shopping and check prices to get the correct extensions without any regrets. 


Hair extensions can change your look quickly and easily, but you’ll have to make the right call to get the hair of your dreams. There are different extensions and installation methods, which can be priced from a few hundred bucks to thousands. The key is to decide on an attainable price point and quality so you can proudly say that the finished look is more than what you paid for. 

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