How To Implement Employee Gift And Rewards Program In Your Workplace   

Tuesday 21st Feb 2023 |

Employees are the most significant assets of any company. They remain at the forefront of business operations and contribute significantly to business growth.

Hence, it’s only right for employers and management to devise ways to recognise and reward them with what they deserve. You’ve landed on the right page if you want to implement an effective recognition program for your staff.

Gift-giving and rewards are some of the best ways to express appreciation and gratitude to employees for their hard work and continued loyalty to the company. Even simple and thoughtful gestures can go a long way to boosting employee morale and increasing job satisfaction. With some research and brainstorming, you should be able to decide on the best employee gift as you launch a rewards program in your workspace.

In the pursuit of launching a rewards program to acknowledge and appreciate employees for their dedication, consider thoughtful gestures like crystal awards. These elegant tokens not only convey gratitude but also serve as lasting reminders of their hard work, contributing to increased job satisfaction and morale within the workplace. Click for crystal awards and enhance your employee recognition initiatives with a touch of sophistication.

Here are some tips for you to launch your rewards program successfully:

Understand The Different Employment Reward Systems

Employment reward systems can come in a wide variety of ways. Such types of employee recognition must be understood by employers first before they can implement a recognition program. Thus, take a look at the following and see which ones are most applicable to your members:

  • Private Praise

This type of recognition or acknowledgement is done or implemented privately. It can mean a manager can send out a thank-you or appreciation note to staff for a job well done. It may also include one-on-one praise during performance evaluations every month. This strategy works best for employees who are shy to be recognised in a team or in public.

  • Public Recognition

Contrary to how some people prefer one-on-one private praise, some staffs highly value public recognition. The manager or CEO can commend anyone’s performance in an announcement or a shout-out during team or company meetings. It can be done by praising someone through an announcement on the dashboard, website, or other public platforms.

  • Promotion

Another reward system is to promote employees. It’s one of the most common and most regarded by employees. Many would want to climb up their career ladder, look for growth in the company, and be entrusted with additional responsibilities. Consider this reward system, but ensure to create a set of criteria and include salary increase and promotion.

Launch An Employee Appreciation Day  

The best way to boost your employees’ self-esteem is to praise them in front of their co-workers. And what better way to do this than to have everyone gathered for an Employee Appreciation Day? Launching a recognition program or awards day where well-deserved employees will receive awards in front of the rest is a great idea.

You can prepare trophies, certificates, plaques, employee gift boxes, and other physical recognition gifts that can commemorate the day for your employees. Ensure that these gifts are memorable and valuable. Finally, all the other employees will be motivated and inspired to do better so they can receive recognition and awards next time.

It can be planned in diverse ways. It can be another team-building or social networking opportunity for everyone to get along, share meals, and converse personally. It’s also an excellent time for the CEO to share an inspiring message to appreciate and encourage every staff in the company. In implementing this social occasion, everyone in the organisation can feel how much they are valued and appreciated. Ensure to give out merchandise and include games to make the event fun.

Get People On Board

Employee recognition and reward programs need to be understood by employees so they can succeed. But before discussing it with everyone else, it’s best to get people on board for the organisation of this program. You can delegate the human resources department to be in charge of the program or have every manager provide their two cents on navigating through employee reward systems. Promote and execute the program with help from management and key employees.

Hand Out Survey Forms

Another effective way to implement an employee gift and reward system is by knowing employees’ thoughts and opinions. You can effectively achieve this through surveys. This medium is a great way to receive detailed feedback from team members.

Your employees can choose rewards from a structured survey, or you can leave it open for suggestions. Ensure to include open-ended clauses and questions so employees can freely express their ideas. An anonymous survey makes employees more comfortable voicing their opinions. However, allow others to share their name if they want to be identified.

If they use one, team members will find it easier to complete an online survey. Have them sent out via email, so it’s easy to distribute and gather responses. Sending out survey questions and asking for feedback is an easy way to find employee preferences. Finally, you can launch a reward system suggested mainly by employees.

Create Reward Criteria   

Reward systems should have a set of criteria that employees need to meet before getting recognised. Employers need to know precisely what behaviours or actions they would like recognition programs to reinforce and how it impacts business objectives.

First, you should determine a key performance index and see which members meet or have the highest scores. The managers will be the ones to check and monitor these. KPIs help you determine whether you’re on track. A KPI system will allow you to set goals, develop a plan, and evaluate your progress. Through this valuable component, you can see who among team members is exceeding expectations.

Aside from performances, behaviours should be part of the criteria too. Decide which behaviours to incentivise based on your business objectives, and remember that effective recognition aligns with organisational values.

Decide On How To Reward Employees   

Finally, there are many ways to reward employees. Gifts can come in diverse forms, and all these can have a positive effect on your employees. Consider some strategies below:

  • Gift Cards

Send out gift cards to employees who are performing well. If you want to give a gift that won’t break the bank, hand out gift cards to a nearby restaurant or a popular coffee chain near your office. Aside from giving these cards as a reward, they also make great presents for special occasions like birthdays, employment anniversaries, etc.

  • Time Offs

Many of your employees appreciate no matter how menial the reward system would be. One significant reward is to award them with time off. For instance, you can give an additional day off for the week to employees who have exceeded their targets. Assisting them to achieve a healthy work-life balance is immensely rewarding because you allow them to spend more time with family and friends.

  • Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts make excellent reward systems too. Nothing else makes an employee feel more special and appreciated than receiving a gift that is personally crafted for them. It makes the employee realise how the company has gone above and beyond to gift them with something customised.

  • Educational Opportunities

Another common reward for top performers is to provide them with educational opportunities. Offer training or leadership classes to your employees who want to continue their education. Companies can send out online courses or college education for free. You can also implement training and development programs for great performers. It shows your appreciation for them and your desire for them to continue growing within your organisation.

  • Free Food Or Meals

You can show appreciation for their work and time by offering free food or meals. Order your employees’ favourite food, and they’ll have huge smiles. Allow them to have a break from work and enjoy the reward of their hard labour for the company.

  • Monetary Bonus

Another typical reward idea is a monetary bonus. It’s the best way to motivate your employees to participate at their highest levels. Ensure each has a chance to earn additional funds if you provide extra money as a reward.

  • Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise is another excellent gift idea which can also benefit the company. Employees would love to have and use them, but at the same time, you can take advantage of the free advertising that comes with this branded merchandise. Your brand can be more exposed as employees use them wherever they go.

  • Corporate Retreat

Employees love to take a break from the usual work environment and atmosphere. It’s best to reward a team with a corporate retreat that the company will shoulder. From food and transfers to hotel accommodations and other expenses, the company should take care of this event that enables everyone to take a break and relax comfortably.

Set Up An Employee Recognition Dashboard Or Wall   

People naturally feel more inspired and motivated to do their best or work harder when others acknowledge and appreciate their efforts. One effective way to do this as an organisation is to administer an employee recognition dashboard or wall.

Incorporate a recognition area on your dashboard where everyone can see these announcements virtually. On the other hand, you can also display a physical recognition wall in your office. Either way will make people feel more valued. Along with the recognition announcements, reward good-performing employees with some company freebies like free meals or longer breaks.


Employee recognition in the workplace can be implemented in various ways, and it’s all a matter of understanding what would work best for your staff. Consider your company culture and employee preferences. The key to a successful recognition program is to create a company culture that encourages appreciation. Pay attention to the importance of employee recognition, as this can significantly boost morale and satisfaction.