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How To Create A Car Maintenance Routine

Tuesday 02nd Aug 2022 |

Buying a car can be a costly purchase. Whether it is your first car or your fourth, a new car or used, there is a lot about car ownership to learn.

Of course, the obvious is the costs involved in running the card. This includes how much it costs to fill the car with petrol or monthly payment costs. There are also maintenance costs and work to consider. 

 The average amount a UK driver will spend each year on car maintenance is reported to be £1,295.25. This figure includes the costs of any repairs, breakdown recovery, and car cleaning. 

With the rising cost of living, many UK drivers are searching for ways to save money with their cars. One of the ways is through a maintenance routine for their vehicle. Several benefits come with having a maintenance routine for their car, and here are just a few of them. 

  • Improved Car Safety – Car safety is an obvious yet crucial aspect of car maintenance. A well-maintained car that undergoes frequent checks and inspections and has any issues resolved as soon as they are identified is one of the best ways to remain safe on the road. Knowing that your engine, tyres and all other essential aspects of your car are in the best condition can provide you with peace of mind when driving your car – especially when taking it on long road trips. 
  • Reduced Repair Costs – Repair work on a car can be costly. Hearing that their car needs something fixing or replacing are words that no car owner wants to hear, as it is usually followed by the cost of having this service completed. Continuous maintenance of your car can help reduce the cost of repairs. With more cars embracing technology, you might likely encounter a technical issue. However, these issues are often minor problems that are easy to resolve. An OBD scanner, for instance, could help diagnose any issues your car might be experiencing. Do you know which OBD reader is the best? One option for an OBD reader is Carly. It could help you to identify any issues before they become costly problems. 
  • Help Maintain Value – Car depreciation is a commonly known concept. It refers to what a car was valued at when it was first brought to its value today. Cars are known for losing their value when they are sold and leave the car showroom. However, a car can maintain some of its value. This can be achieved with how well the car has been maintained. Maintaining car maintenance will help keep the car in the best possible condition. When the time comes to sell the car, it could help you to sell the car for a similar price it was brought. 
  • Expanded Lifespan – Finding a new car can be a time-consuming process. Searching different showrooms and sellers to find a car that is at a great price and of decent quality can be a challenge. When you find a car you love, you will want to maintain it for as long as possible to avoid having to go through the process again. Regular maintenance on your car can help expand its lifespan more than one that is not well-kept. Although replacing tyres and oil changes can seem like costly purchases, the money you can save in the long run from careful maintenance makes these worthwhile purchases investments. 

Tips On Creating A Maintenance Routine 

As you can see, there are some benefits that come with investing time into maintaining your car. The reduced cost in expenses is certainly a desirable trait in this current economic climate. There are various ways that you can care for your car. Some of the checks are smaller and can cost less compared to others. Regardless of what the checks are, they can all help keep your vehicle running for longer. Here are a few things worth considering for those who are looking to create a maintenance routine for their car. 

Check Fuel Levels/Electric Battery Charge 

To start, check your fuel levels or electric battery charge, starting with a simple yet effective step. Those driving an electric car should keep their battery charged between 20-80%. Many electric vehicle manufacturers recommend this to those who own an electric vehicle. Keeping the battery charged between 20-80% will reportedly help you to maximise the battery’s longevity. As electric cars are becoming increasingly more popular, there is a growing number of public charging points available for drivers. It helps them to keep their car between the recommended charge. 

For most cars, fuel is essential to maintaining a car’s engine. It helps to ensure that the car is able to run efficiently. Some cars require petrol and others need diesel. Knowing your car’s needs is crucial, as filling it up with the wrong fuel could lead to engine damage. Ensure that before you fill your car with fuel, you know which fuel type your car needs. 

Check Engine Oil Levels 

Another simple but essential maintenance check is checking your engine oil levels. This step is crucial in helping to ensure that your car runs smoothly. Checking your engine oil should be done regularly, as it is needed to help reduce the engine temperature. It also helps to maintain fuel efficiency. Fortnightly checks are recommended, but if you are planning a long car journey, checking the oil before you depart is ideal. These checks could help you prevent your engine from failing during a long car journey and minimise the risk of your car breaking down – something you certainly do not wish to happen while travelling. 

Test Your Brakes 

Of course, ensuring that your brakes work is crucial when driving a car. During the wintertime, you need to ensure that your brakes are working as well as they should for your safety. Checking them will help you quickly identify any signs of an issue. If you experience any squeaks, rattling or irregular brake sensation, this is often a sign that your car’s braking system needs assistance.  

Care For Your Tyres 

Along with the brakes, tyres are another crucial component of your car that needs regular checks. Worn tyres can cause greater issues when driving, especially on wet or icy roads.  

1.6mm is the current minimum law requirement for a tyre tread depth. However, some service providers would even say that a tyre tread depth of 3mm is ideal for helping maintain a safe stopping distance. This tyre tread depth could be helpful when driving during wet or snowy conditions. 

The Bottom Line 

Some of these checks should be performed more frequently than others. Ensuring these checks occur multiple times throughout the year can help keep your car in the best condition possible. Of course, you will have your car sent in for its MOT, but regular checks could help you to receive a lower bill once all tests have been completed —something understandably would want to receive. 

If you have recently bought your first car or got a new or second-hand car, keep some of these car maintenance tips in mind. Some of them could help to save you a few pennies in the long term. 

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