Car Performance

Smart Tips to Make Your Car Performance Even Better

Friday 13th Aug 2021 |

Not everyone can afford a sports car, and it is not always a practical vehicle even for those who can – but there are ways to give your vehicle that little extra edge so you feel as if you are sitting on more horses than actually can be found in your engine.

Your vehicle needs to be looked after more regularly if you want it to perform well on the road, especially if you are driving in a busy city like London. 

Smart Tips to Make Your Car Performance Even Better – Reduce Weight

A lightweight car performs better. Fuel consumption is reduced, steering and acceleration is improved, and the steering tends to become more responsive, making your vehicle feel fast and nippy, even if it is a family sedan! Have a look at the accumulation of things in the boot and remove all but the most necessary, and think about switching to alloy wheels. The latter are pricey initially, but they will make your vehicle much lighter, offering a long-term saving on wear and tear, fuel consumption and more. If you’re in search of a high quality starter for vehicles, explore the options available here.

Smart Tips to Make Your Car Performance Even Better – Regular Service

Taking your vehicle in for regular services, as recommended by the manufacturer (these timeframes can be found in the owner’s manual), is a great way to ensure that your car is always in good working order, performing as well as it can. Also make sure you get your MOT done promptly when it is due to make sure your car is fully roadworthy. You can get your MOT done up to thirty days before the current certificate expires without losing the anniversary date. An MOT check makes sure all the important parts of your car are performing well. Usually the main vehicle parts checked in the MOT test are brakes, exhausts/emissions, electrical system bodywork, lights, steering and wheels & tyres to name a few. Furthermore experts at DAT Tyres can help you book your MOT in London, on the website or telephone 020 8969 3030.

Smart Tips to Make Your Car Performance Even Better – Best Fluids

Using cheap oil and the lowest quality of fuel for your car is both bad for your vehicle and terrible for your performance. Buy the best consumables you can afford from the moment you purchase the car, and your car will reward you with excellent driving performance, reduced oil usage and less wear and tear than you would otherwise face.

By driving your car sensibly – avoiding rough roads, not accelerating or decelerating excessively, and generally following good driving practices – and using the best quality consumables and fuel, you will give your car’s performance a very welcome boost!