Housewarming Gifts; Why House Plants are the Best

Thursday 08th Jul 2021 |

According to reports , 40% of first-time buyers have taken advantage of the Stamp Duty Holiday (1). This means that in recent weeks there has been a surge of people moving homes to ensure they can take full advantage of the money saving scheme.

With all these people moving and settling into their new homes, searches for “best housewarming gifts” are the highest they’ve been in the past 12 months.

Traditionally, housewarming gifts can be quite predictable but greeting’s card marketplace,, have revealed the top 5 reasons why you should be giving a houseplant as a house-warming gift.

Housewarming Gifts – They Have Mood-Boosting Properties

Having houseplants within your space, especially when working from home, can have a number of psychological benefits. They have been proven to increase your productivity and decrease stress levels. If you want the recipient of your gift to settle into their new space with ease, then houseplants are the way to go.

Housewarming Gifts – They Keep You Healthy

Within the home, plants act as natural humidifiers and filter out air pollutants. Placing plants around your living space has been proven to reduce occurrences of headaches and blocked noses due to their ability to keep the air around you fresh and clean. Similar to the mood-boosting benefits, the health benefits of a plant make your gift more meaningful to the recipient.

Housewarming Gifts – A Long-Lasting Gift

With the right care and attention, houseplants can survive for many years unlike other housewarming gift options. A bottle of prosecco, a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers are gifts that may be forgotten within a week or so. With a houseplant, your gesture has longevity and whoever receives it will be able to appreciate your kindness into the future.

Housewarming Gifts – On Trend

Giving the gift of a houseplant shows that you know your interior trends. This is proven by searches for “popular house plants” seeing a rise of 300% in the past 12 months. More specifically, searches for “air purifying house plants” have seen a 200% rise showing an increased interest in the beneficial properties of having plants in the home. Search trends also show that people are looking for ease with “low maintenance indoor plants” seeing a 200% rise.

Housewarming Gifts – Eco-Friendly

House plants are also perfect for any eco-conscious home buyers you may know. Other gifts may come with plastic and cardboard packaging or in a glass bottle which means the recipient is tasked with correctly recycling the waste. With a houseplant, it never needs to be thrown away if given the right care and attention. The pot you choose can also be eco-friendly if made from recycled materials!