Scentscaping for 2024’s biggest interior trends

Sunday 05th May 2024 |

2024 has brought some exciting interior trends so far including dramatic western gothic, comforting cafécore and the kitsch revival. When updating a home, engaging all the senses can be used to create more immersive environments with scent being a subtle yet powerful way to enhance the ambiance of living spaces.

To help your readers scentscape their space, scent experts From today… have explored which scent combinations can complement and elevate some of the most popular trends of the year.

Scentscaping for 2024’s biggest interior trends

Quiet luxe

For spaces embracing the ethos of cosy quiet luxury, the olfactory experience should evoke opulence and comfort in equal measure. Luxurious scents such as cashmere, amber, and sandalwood seamlessly blend to create an atmosphere of indulgence and relaxation. Infusing hints of vanilla and cinnamon adds a warm and inviting touch, enveloping the senses in a cocoon of sophisticated comfort.


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In the realm of kitsch, where whimsy and nostalgia reign supreme, scent combinations take on a playful and eclectic character. Think sweet and typically feminine fragrances like rose, jasmine, and peony, intertwined with unexpected twists such as cotton candy or bubblegum. These quirky combinations transport occupants to a realm of fantasy and imagination, perfect for colourful, retro homes.

Western gothic

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For aficionados of the Western gothic aesthetic, the olfactory landscape is dark, mysterious, and brooding. Deep, woody notes of cedarwood and leather form the foundation, evoking the rugged allure of the frontier. Intertwined with smoky accents of tobacco and incense, these scents instil a sense of intrigue and drama, perfectly complementing the rustic elegance of Western gothic interiors. These scents would also work wonderfully with a Dark Academia aesthetic.


In the kitchen, the bustling heart of the home where culinary delights are savoured and memories are made, scents play a vital role in setting the mood. Fresh, herbaceous fragrances like basil, mint, and thyme infuse the air with revitalising energy, reminiscent of a sun-drenched herb garden. Combined with rich, aromatic notes of freshly brewed coffee and decadent vanilla, these scents create a sensory symphony that tantalises the taste buds and uplifts the spirit.


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For those who revel in the vibrant tapestry of maximalism and bold eclecticism, scent combinations serve as an expression of personality and individuality. Powerful fragrances such as patchouli, oud, and vetiver command attention, weaving a rich tapestry of complexity and depth. Accents of exotic spices and florals add layers of intrigue, inviting exploration and discovery in every corner of the eclectic space.

“In the dynamic world of interior design, the art of scentscaping adds a multi-dimensional layer of sensory delight, transforming spaces into immersive environments that engage the senses and evoke emotions. Utilise scented candles and reed diffusers to baseline the scent throughout your home, then use matching handwashes and lotions to carry it with you throughout the day.

“Whether embracing the understated elegance of cosy quiet luxury or the vibrant energy of maximalism, curated scent combinations enhance the ambiance and elevate experiences, making every moment spent indoors a sensory journey of discovery and delight. By matching your scent with your style, you have another way of getting your unique personality across in your home.”– Lauren Grainger, From today…

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