House Exterior Ideas that will be Trending Summer 2021

Wednesday 24th Feb 2021 |

Upgrading the look of the exterior of your home is a fantastic way to improve the curb appeal of your property.

With recent reports suggesting that since the coronavirus pandemic began, a huge 25%1 of the nation have been investing more money into their homes, there simply hasn’t been a better time to focus on home improvement.

Advantageous projects are being taken on by many to get homes ready for a more promising 2021 summer, and with a focus on gardens and entertainment spaces, it is not uncommon for home exteriors to be overlooked. Yet, investing in the outside of your home is extremely worthwhile, with experts predicting that this can add anywhere between five to 20 per cent to your property’s current value. Here, leading windows and doors specialists, Genesis Collection discuss the house exterior trends that you will be seeing this summer.

House Exterior Ideas – Bringing the inside out?

When it comes to house colour, white is here to stay, with the trend well and truly solidifying its position within the property industry. Warm neutrals are also rising in popularity and though traditionally more favoured within interiors, beige house exteriors are expected to be a huge trend this year. With interior trends evolving from the inside out, beige is now well on its way to becoming as popular as it’s fellow neutral shade, grey.

From one spectrum to the other, introducing dark colours is also continuing to rise and this year is expected to be the year that moody and mysterious tones take centre stage. Dark colours are extremely versatile as they can be used either solo, or as a complimentary shade for a two-tone exterior. We’ve seen this trend’s popularity increase greatly over recent months due to the unique and inviting look it creates. Although daring, choosing a darker shade for specific architectural elements is a risk worth taking to achieve a dramatic look. 

House Exterior Ideas – The perfect entrance 

The front door is one of the main features to your home exterior and the design choice very much comes down to personal taste. This summer the recurring trend of pops of colour will re-emerge; with research showing that choosing a bold door is an effective way to increasing curb appeal. Yellow doors are proving to be very popular this year after “Illuminating”, a vibrant yellow, was announced as Pantone’s 2021 Colour of the Year.

If it’s time to update your front door then depending on the style of your home, you may want to consider a more timeless design. Though upcoming seasonal trends are all about making a statement in modern homes, iron or wood doors with unique architectural designs are perfect for period properties. For the contemporary home, wide front doors add extra depth and dimension to the house, whilst also opening up the space to allow extra light to flood into the room.

House Exterior Ideas – Let the light in

A simple combination, more windows mean more natural light! Bright and airy interiors go hand in hand with one of 2021’s key exterior trends – large windows. With many of us spending more time at home than ever before, having a home environment that feels light and bright can have a huge impact on the way we feel. How windows are shaped and accentuated can completely change the overall look of your home and provide the architectural wow-factor that you are after, so it’s worth considering updating your windows, or replacing them all together if they are due a revamp.

Roof lanterns are also extremely popular, as they channel light from all angles to create a stunning architectural showpiece within the home. Flat roof windows are also a great addition to a home as they allow up to 25% more natural light than other types of windows and are a more cost-effective option for the budget-conscious. Skylights are another trendy window option that is proving to be very popular this year and is predicted to grow even further over the coming months. Finally, minimalism and transparency continue to be a popular preference, and installing external bifold doors from the Genesis Collection will allow in an impressive amount of light, as well as when closed, the glass still gives your home the impression of extended space.

House Exterior Ideas – Using transitional style 

Transitional architecture became very popular in 2020 and this year, we anticipate that the trend will emerge even more – it’s certainly the hottest trend for those homeowners that are new to the market. Transitional style, where traditional merges with unique design elements, is a theme that’s becoming more favoured within home exteriors thanks to its ability to combine classic design elements that create a soothing appeal with contemporary styles that adds a fresh, modern look to a building.

Adding industrial elements such as vertical siding, grid railings and a metal roof to a farmhouse or cottage exterior or adding concrete blocks and horizontal awnings to a property are only some of the ways to revamp your home to nail this trend. 

House Exterior Ideas – The extension of the home

With more time spent in the garden than ever before, the covid-19 pandemic has shifted a large amount of the populations’ focus to be on their garden to create another liveable space. This summer the rewilding trend will continue its popularity, a trend that encourages nature and wildlife into the grounds of a home. Vegetable plots will also continue to be incorporated into gardens and for those in urban homes, balcony gardens will see a feature. The pandemic has changed the way people think and prioritise and the desire to spending more time in the outdoors, adapting gardens to grow their own crops is a trend that certainly won’t be going anywhere fast.

As we move further into the year, areas of the home continue to be multi-functional; working from home and home gyms are only a few of the many purposes that people are now using their space for. Come summer, we anticipate that the ultimate trend will be creating a haven that can accommodate further social spaces separate from the interior of a home, with swimming pools and garden buildings high on the priority list for those with the available space.

Marcus O’Boyle, Sales & Marketing Manager at Genesis Collection says: “Now more than ever, people are really starting to focus on their homes and giving them the upgrades that have been long overdue. Already this year we have seen a significant lift in sales compared to the previous year, despite being in lockdown for 2 months and predict this is going to rise further as more people work on their homes in time for the summer season.”

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