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Gran Canaria Launches #WarmWelcome Campaign

Monday 13th Jun 2022 |

With the return to international travel back in full force, Gran Canaria Spa, Wellness & Health is demonstrating the importance of travellers to the island with its #WarmWelcome campaign.

Aiming to highlight the benefit of visitors on the tourism board’s partners, the campaign shares feedback from real, local residents on what tourism means to them and their livelihood.

Home to a number of independent and family-run partners, visiting Gran Canaria can help holidaymakers to travel more responsibly, while offering a clean conscience in supporting local communities. Something which is proving both more popular and equally important, especially in the post-pandemic climate. Recognising that many communities rely on tourism to survive (including 63% wanting to have experiences that are representative of the local culture*), Gran Canaria is launching the #WarmWelcome campaign to encourage holidaymakers to be more aware of how their travelling impacts both the people and the environment they interact with.

Promising the warmest of welcomes for visitors, Gran Canaria’s partners (from luxury spa resorts to nautical sports organisations to independent family-run restaurants), are thrilled to be greeting travellers back to the island and here are just some of their unique reasons why…

  • One of the spa therapists at the five-star Salobre Hotel Resort & Serenity says: “Witnessing our guests feel so relaxed and happy after spending the day in the spa makes me feel happy too. Being able to transport guests away from the everyday stresses of life brings both me and the rest of my team so much joy.”
  • The team at Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa says: “To be revealing our island’s stunning coastline, blue ocean waters, and the incredible natural stone formations of our hotel to travellers once again feels special to me. To be playing a part in their journey to witnessing the beauty of our world will always be my reward.” 
  • The spokesperson for Cordial Mogán Valle Apartments says: “Supporting solo travellers, couples, and families alike to each find their unique relaxation and pamper experience will always be my favourite perk. Witnessing friends and families coming together once again and making unforgettable memories means the world to me and my team, especially after tough times apart from each other.”

On the launch of the campaign, Carmen Garcia, manager at Gran Canaria Spa, Wellness & Health shares: “We are delighted to be launching the #WarmWelcome campaign! With international tourism back to Gran Canaria stronger than ever before, we feel it’s important to help travellers understand their positive impact on our destination, and community, to help them travel in the most responsible, sustainable and overall, memorable way.”


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