Feng Shui expert’s top tips for selling your home

Saturday 27th Apr 2024 |

While often regarded as an ancient tradition, the principles of Feng Shui in interior design hold a timeless significance. It goes beyond mere aesthetics and emphasises the strategic arrangement of living spaces to align with the natural environment, fostering a sense of balance and connection throughout your space. 

When it comes to selling your home, the challenge arises in ensuring that your perception of a well-designed space resonates with potential buyers. However, differing opinions and tastes can complicate the process. 

By integrating Feng Shui into the staging and presentation of a property, homeowners can significantly enhance its appeal and speed up the selling process by creating an inviting atmosphere that resonates with all prospective buyers. 

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An analysis of Google Trends data by We Buy Any Home revealed searches for ‘feng shui living room layout’ have increased by 5000%, ‘bedroom feng shui rules’ by 100% and ‘feng shui front door’ by 90% in the past month

With this in mind, experts at We Buy Any Home, teamed up with Suzanne Roynon, Feng Shui and Interiors Therapist at Interiors Therapy to answer the growing inquiries from those looking to sell their house quickly.

Terry Fisher, property expert at We Buy Any Home said: “We’d recommend anyone looking to sell their house to use the principles of feng shui in some shape or form. While it may not guarantee a quick sale, it certainly doesn’t hurt to create a space that is both physically and energetically inviting to your potential buyers.” 

Suzanne said: “The first stage of preparing a home for sale, even before looking at the Feng Shui, is to deal with any and all clutter which is blocking the flow of positive energy through a home.

Potential buyers need to be able to see everything, look behind doors and into built in cupboards and closets. You won’t want to pack up and move all the clutter to your new home, so deal with it now, before you put your home on the market.” 

  1. How to feng shui your living room 

“Position furniture so the space feels welcoming and try not to focus all attention on the TV. A jumble of art and photos on the wall can feel oppressive, so curate your memories to those which really emphasise the lifestyle your home would offer a purchaser.”

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  1. How to feng shui your kitchen 

“Keep all countertops clear of anything but the essentials. Put utensils away – having them on display suggests inadequate storage. Knife blocks weaponize a kitchen and are regarded by feng shui experts as causing arguments, tension and stress. This energy won’t support selling a property, so put the knives away in a drawer.  

It’s always worth deep cleaning a kitchen to be sure all appliances and the floor sparkle. If you’re considering replacing a kitchen before marketing a property, choose a lighter colour rather than very dark blue, black, grey, red or green. These colours will actively work against your feng shui and the positive energy of a home, and from experience, they are often cited as a reason not to buy a property, or to request a price reduction because many prospective purchasers would choose to replace dark cabinetry.”

  1. How to feng shui your bedroom

“A bedroom should be a sanctuary of rest, romance and relaxation, so focus the intention on creating a balanced and harmonious feel. 

Matching nightstands, a strong, comfortable headboard and pairs of lamps and pillows will automatically add symmetry. Make the rooms feel like havens and tidy toys, clothes and anything which should not be in a bedroom away.  

A cluttered bedroom suggests the home has inadequate storage and may deter buyers, so again, be ruthless about what stays and goes.”

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  1. How to feng shui your front door 

“Kerb appeal counts and the front door is where the positive feng shui energy enters a home. Keep it fresh, clean and polished. Deal with any dust, grime or cobwebs so your visitors feel welcome along with the bright sparkling feng shui energy which makes a home feel so good.

Ensure the entrance itself and the hall or room your viewers step into represent the house as a whole. Buyers often make up their minds as soon as they step through a door.”

  1. What advice would you give to anyone looking to sell their house? 

Suzanne continued: “Declutter, declutter and declutter. Avoid strong and dark paint or décor because this will work against the feng shui. Neutrals, preferably not greys as these can be bleak and quite depressing, are much the best option when decorating a home either to live in or sell.

The market is very active right now. If a home hasn’t sold within a couple of weeks it’s either too highly priced, there is something obviously wrong (cracks/damp/roof issues) or the energy is deterring prospective buyers.” 

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