Selling Your Property Online Smoothly in Scotland

Monday 23rd Aug 2021 |

Selling your property can always be quite a stressful process. All the research, putting down a mortgage, and then buying a new house are equally stressful parts of the process involved in moving house.

But apart from a couple of millionaires out there, most people today in Scotland have to sell their house before they are then able to go out and securely buy themselves a new one. 

The internet and plays a major role in today’s housing market when it comes to advertising properties and the buying and selling of homes. You wish to choose to take advantage of using an online platform or property website to help you to successfully sell your property with ease. 

We have come up with a few tips to selling your house online responsibly today in Scotland. 

Selling Your Property Online

Scotland’s Property Market is Booming at This Moment in Time 

The housing market has gone wild in Scotland recent times, with a continual whirlwind of plenty of people deciding to buy and sell properties. 

This busy property market in Scotland has mainly been due to the fact that  in July 2020 following the first lockdown the Scottish Government decided to considerably increase the threshold at which Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) was paid from £145,000 to £250,000. This meant that 80% of house buyers then became exempt from the charge. This reduction allowed home buyers of properties in Scotland costing in excess of £250,000 to save £2,100. 

Online Tools Can Save You Time And Effort 

Selling a property used to take a lot of effort, as you had to fill out numerous paper forms, then distribute them to the right sources and await responses. Thankfully, there are many online tools and even buyers who can help save you time and hassle.  

Online property buying companies such as Fastbuy Properties can be a great help and a good place to drop into if you are looking at selling your home in Scotland online. Selling your property can always have ups and downs, so finding a trustworthy organisation to sell your property to online is critical. 

Some Major Dos and Don’ts When It Comes to Selling Your Property Online Today 


Ensure that you are using a reliable estate agency or property selling website. You must be sure to do plenty of research into who is helping you to sell your property.  

Have a good read through the customer reviews for a property selling service 

Read all the small print, including contracts, clauses, website information etc. You do not want to sell your property to a bogus organisation and risk losing lots of money, or misread key information written into contracts relating to the sale of your house. 

Be sure to carry out plenty of research and compare various online platforms. You may find that your home is valued significantly higher on one property website than it is on a different one. Compare the prices you are quoted on different property sites, making sure you don’t get ripped off and end up selling your home for a lot less than it is really worth. 


Do not try to sell your home too quickly without doing enough due diligence and research and checking you are really doing the right thing. Feeling too rushed and like you are hastily panic selling? Then take a step back and consider your options when selling. 

Do not get yourself overly excited too early on. House offers are notorious for falling through or being withdrawn at any time for any number of reasons. Just because an offer has come in for your home certainly does not mean that the sale is going to be completed ASAP. 

How to Get a Good Valuation of Your Property  

It is important to get an accurate valuation of your property so you can be reassured and safe in the knowledge that you have received enough money when selling it. But how do you go about valuing your home accurately? How can you look out for things which clearly indicate how much you home in Scotland should really sell for?  

Study the current state of the housing market in your area and also nationally 

One great way to find out the value of your property is by going online and heading over to the UK House Price Index from the Land Registry. The UK House Price Index will be able to give you a pretty good idea of the price housing are selling for recently both in your local area and nationally. 

Make use of the online tools out there 

Information freely available on Zoopla will give you accurate information about recent sale prices in your area.  

Look at how much houses on your street have recently been selling for 

Attention to detail is very much crucial when understanding the value of your house and how much you should be willing to sell it for. The cost of a house on one street in an area in Scotland may in fact be strikingly different from the price of a house in another street nearby in the very same neighbourhood.  

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