face yoga

Face yoga – what is it and does it actually work?

Tuesday 24th Oct 2023 |

Searches for ‘Face Yoga’ around the world have increased by +130% in the last five years, with more and more people wanting to try it out in the hope of it keeping their faces looking young. 

Eva Norlyk Smith, yoga therapist and co-founder of YogaUOnline has revealed the key benefits of face yoga, alongside three easy techniques for you to try yourself. 

Simply put, face yoga is a natural technique which involves stimulating the face muscles, neck and skin through non-invasive massages and exercises. You don’t even need any tools or products to practise face yoga, all you need is your hands.

There are many benefits of face yoga, however one of the benefits which appeals most to those who practise it, is that it acts as a natural Botox or facelift.

Eva Norlyk Smith, yoga therapist and founder of YogaUOnline.com says:

“Is there a natural way to look ten years younger without Botox or a facelift? Well, face yoga is quietly becoming one of the fastest-growing anti-aging trends around thanks to its non-invasive approach to true facial sculpting from the comfort of your own home.

“By stretching and toning key facial muscles, engaging acupressure points, and holding strengthening expressions, face yoga essentially works out your facial muscles to contour and lift areas that may have weakened over time.

“Regular practice can help sharpen jawlines, smooth forehead lines, and plump under-eye zones. Increased blood flow and lymph drainage also nourish the skin with nutrients and flush out toxins.

“Like any type of exercise, Face Yoga can pay off big time as long as you keep up a regular and consistent practice. Simply set aside 5 minutes a day to sculpt and tone your facial muscles naturally as you reduce stress and signs of ageing.”

Eva Norlyk Smith has highlighted three of her favourite face yoga exercises for you to try from the comfort of your home: 

  1. Jawline Squeeze

Place your index fingers on your jaw hinge and gently squeeze inward and upward while keeping your lips together. Hold for 5 seconds then relax the jaw and repeat to slim and define the jawline.

  1. Cheek Puff

Purse your lips and puff out your cheeks, holding for 5 seconds. Release and repeat, increasing hold time to tone the cheek area.

  1. Liquid Eyelids

Keeping eyes closed, gently pull eyelids up and outwards as if “stretching” them, holding for 5 seconds. Repeat slowly to nourish the under-eye skin.