Shopping Expert shares the 5 Controversial Buys This January

Wednesday 17th Jan 2024 |

Five Unusual and Controversial Buys To Make In The January Sales This Year

As soon as the holiday season has finished, people go out in search of deals in the annual January sales. But some items that are heavily discounted at this time of year are ignored, meaning people miss out on a major bargain. 

Jason Higgs, the Senior Deals Strategist for Bountii, discusses 5 controversial buys that people should seriously consider this month. 

Christmas decorations buys

Christmas Trees And Decorations

Stores often offer festive items at deeply discounted prices when they need to clear out their stock in January. Buying them now is a great idea if some of your Christmas decorations need replacing; you can snag a deal on much nicer Christmas decorations than you might be able to afford next December, meaning you’ll be well-prepared for the next holiday season. 

Winter Clothes

Jason says, “The January Sales often provide generous discounts on winter apparel because retailers want to make room for their spring collections. You can upgrade your wardrobe with quality coats, boots, and sweaters, at a fraction of their original price.”

January seems like an odd time to buy Christmas-themed pyjamas and socks. However, just like with Christmas trees and decorations, stores are looking to get rid of extra stock for a bargain price, so you can stock up for yourself for the next festive season, or buy them as budget-friendly gifts for others.

Exercise Equipment

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Why is January an ideal time to purchase treadmills, stationary bikes, or weights? Because the surge of people making it their New Year’s Resolution to get fit or lose weight in the new year encourages retailers to offer time-sensitive discounts. 

These purchases can support your health and fitness goals for the year ahead. They may be especially needed after all the wining and dining during the holiday season!

Christmas Crafts

Craft enthusiasts should capitalise on January sales to buy Christmas craft items. You can save money on Christmas paper, decorations, ornaments, and DIY kits.

Increasing your stock means you’ll have plenty of time to create personalised gifts and decorations all year, adding a unique touch to next December’s celebrations. 

Electrical Items

If you want to buy a big-screen TV, retailers may be offering attractive discounts on last year’s models. You could secure a high-quality television with advanced features for a fraction of the price it would have cost last year.

If you want to modernise your kitchen, small appliances like blenders, toasters, and coffee makers are frequently marked down in January. 

When looking for bargains, don’t be time-bound. If you think outside the box, you can make the most of the available discounts!  

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