Unknown Side to Monaco

Experience the Unknown Side to Monaco

Sunday 10th Mar 2024 |

Catalysed by cultural icons from James Bond to Grace Kelly, Monaco’s timeless allure continues to capture the hearts of countless travellers. Although renowned for its glitz and glam, Monaco is a destination that caters to all budgets, allowing everyone to indulge in the enchantment of the principality. Conveniently located within reach of London and other major European cities, Monaco is an accessible, safe and friendly destination for travellers in pursuit of an escape from the city, for a weekend of relaxation, adventure and cultural immersion. Enticing visitors with its temperate climate, verdant landscapes, enchanting boutiques, bustling markets and historic landmarks – all within easy reach on foot, Monaco boasts an abundance of offerings that won’t break the bank and warmly welcomes all travellers for a truly unique and unforgettable stay.

What to Do

Oceanographic Museum: Perched dramatically on a cliff edge, the museum is an internationally renowned symbol of conservation, education and admiration. For over a century, it has diligently watched over the shores of the principality while inspiring visitors to safeguard marine ecosystems. 
Spanning 6000 sq. ft. the museum showcases over 6000 meticulously marine specimens from the Mediterranean and tropical waters. From families seeking an educational retreat to individuals in search of a serene connection to the sea, it offers an immersive and enlightening experience for all.

Tickets start from approx. £16 per adult and approx. £10 per child.

The Casino Gardens: Soak up the unique atmosphere of the principality and stroll through the verdant oasis of the Casino Gardens that surround the infamous Monte Carlo Casino. Designed by architect Edouard Andre, these grounds beckon with cascading waterfalls, meandering streams, and meticulously crafted landscapes. Each element serves as a testament to Andre’s vision, offering visitors a sublime journey into an exotic realm of botanical wonder.

Unknown Side to Monaco

Free entry for all visitors.

Old Town, The Rock:  Explore the principalities historic district, an impressive fortress overlooking the city from atop Monaco’s infamous rock. The old town’s charm, with colourful Mediterranean-style is spell bounding. Strategically meander around the town, to reside outside the Place du Palais, to witness the Changing of the Palace Guard that takes place every day at exactly 11.55am, for a spectacular glimpse into Monaco’s royal legacy. 

Unknown Side to Monaco

Freely accessible to all visitors.

Where to Stay

Novotel Monte-Carlo: Residing in the heart of Monaco, the Novotel Monte-Carlo is a short walk from the Place du Casino and the Grimaldi Forum. Rooms and suites encapsulate a chic, yet vibrant style with balconies that offer sweeping views of the Rock of Monaco, inviting guests to relax from the moment of their arrival.

Rates start from approx. £210 per room, per night.

Columbus Monte-CarloOffering views of some of Monaco’s most iconic places, such Port of Fontvieille, the Princess Rose Garden and the Mediterranean Sea, the Columbus Monte-Carlo promises both elegance and comfort. The hotel’s charm comes from its embodiment of riviera style living – where guests are made to  feel so at home, they forge a sense of belonging within the Principality.

Rates start from approx. £235 per room, per night.

Fairmont Monte-Carlo: Situated opposite the famous Fairmont Hairpin turn on the Formula 1 Grand Prix the lively yet sophisticated hotel immerses guests within the Monaco’s sporting history from a haven of comfort of contemporary design. Located on the French Riviera, overlooking the glistening Mediterranean Sea and close to the legendary Monte Carlo Casino, the Fairmont Monte Carlo luxury hotel is a perfect base for both relaxing and exploring.

Rates start from approx. £320 per room, per night.

Where to Eat

Smakelijk: With a menu designed to tantalise the senses, Monaco’s first Belgian-style brasserie promises an unforgettable culinary voyage to Belgium. Designed to combine comfort with a fine dining experience, the team at Smakelijk have created a cosy and jovial atmosphere in which to experience iconic Belgian cuisine of the finest quality.

Giacomo: Nestled along the picturesque Larvotto beach, Giacomo is an enchanting seaside restaurant and a crown jewel of the renowned Big Mamma group. It’s chic and vibrant terrace offers a panoramic vista of the Mediterranean inviting diners to savour Italian cuisine curated in the unmistakable Big Mamma fashion ­­– fresh yet decadent and indulgent.

Marche de la Condamine: The Condamine Market, a vibrant hub open year-round invites visitors to delve into Monegasque culture. Amidst a lively ambience, one can explore a treasure trove of local delights: from savoury socca and babagiuans to aromatic pissaladiere and fougasse. Since its inception in 1880, it has been an integral part of the principality’s iconic narrative, weaving together tradition, community, and culinary excellence.

Unknown Side to Monaco

The second-smallest independent state in the world makes up for its size in history, culture, entertainment and character. The Principality is committed to and is leading the way in planet preservation with an ambitious goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 55% by 2030. Championing sustainable travel, guests of the city-state can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime getaway that’s also kind to the planet. With over 21% of the principality covered by verdant green spaces, and offering environmentally friendly transport options such as electric bikes, buses, or leisurely strolls along the short and safe picturesque routes within the intimate square mile boundary of the Principality, Monaco astutely caters to the conscientious traveller.

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