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DIY Haircuts: Put the scissors down!

Monday 15th Jan 2024 |

American dancer and actress Julianne Hough recently shared a video to her Instagram where she showed herself cutting her hair as a professional stylist watched off-camera, stating “this is the way, guys” to her 5.2 million followers.

DIY haircuts are increasingly becoming the norm but, unlike Julianne, most people who attempt them do so without the supervision of a salon professional.

#diyhaircut has over 726.6 million views on TikTok, but why are home cuts so popular?

Videos sharing how to cut popular hairstyles like wolf, butterfly and shag cuts saw huge viewings on social media and encouraged many people seeking a style change to give it a try, to varying degrees of success.

The ongoing cost of living struggles have also impacted visits to the salon, as disposable income has decreased due to higher energy bills and mortgages.

One-third of salons have also had to increase the prices of their services as they continue to battle soaring energy prices, and collectively, some consumers now struggle to afford a visit to the salon, resorting to hair trims at home.

However, this can spell disaster for your locks, as evidenced by the many victims of #haircutfail, which has over 636.6 million TikTok views.

While salon services can seem expensive, the price is reflective of the time, tools and facilities used for each appointment. But there are some ways that you can make a trip to the salon more affordable…

1.     Make the most of discounts and loyalty schemes

Plenty of salons offer discounts for new clients and referrals, and during quieter periods, most will offer discounts and promotions.

Loyalty schemes are common as well, with salons sometimes offering service discounts after a specific number of visits. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and take full advantage of them.

2.     Be a hair model for a trainee

Beauty schools and salons often provide professional services at a fraction of the cost, as trainees under the supervision of an experienced stylist, can cut your hair.

This might seem risky, but trainees permitted to cut your hair must be of a high standard first and are supervised by a more experienced professional. If you’re after a simple trim or style, this can be a great cost-effective solution.

3.     Skip unnecessary add-ons

We all love special treatments, massages and high-end styling products and techniques, but they can very quickly hike the price of your salon visit.

Instead, stick to basics to keep prices low. You can even style your hair at home after a cut to save money.

Comments by Alice Dawkins, Hair Expert at Milk + Blush

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