2024 garden trends

2024 garden trends you need to know about

Monday 15th Jan 2024 |

With the new year, comes new trends. And, as the temperatures dip once again, thoughts of sunnier days spent outdoors begin to creep in, with searches for ‘garden inspiration’ seeing an increase of more than 30% in the last three months on Pinterest.

Craig Wilson, Co-founder, director & in-house gardening expert at Gardeners Dream has revealed the 2024 garden trends set to upgrade any garden just in time for summer!

1. Mediterranean vibes

“There is nothing quite like your very own at-home retreat, especially as holidays abroad become more expensive. Since the beginning of December 2023, ‘rustic garden ideas’ have seen a 163% increase in searches on Pinterest. Marrying this with our internal sales data, we  expect to see many homeowners looking to the Mediterranean for garden inspiration.”

Internal sales data shows a 400% increase in Lemon tree sales, alongside a 120% increase for Orange trees, both of which work beautifully to create a rustic Mediterranean feel. Various grape plants have also seen an increase of 200%.”

“Pairing any of these citrus trees or grape vines with terracotta hues and concrete textures will help to make your garden feel like a European getaway and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Utilise terracotta pots and planters set at varying levels, and utilise old broken concrete slabs to create charming walkways.”

2. Grow your own

“As people become more conscious of where their food is coming from it looks like growing your own could be another big theme for gardens this year. Since the beginning of December 2023 Pinterest searches for ‘garden vegetable patch’ have increased by a huge 223%. Not only this, but Gardeners Dream have seen a 500% increase in sales of mushroom growing kits compared to the same time last year.”

“Growing vegetables at home is simple and doesn’t have to take up lots of space. There are lots of fruits and vegetables that can be grown in pots, hanging baskets or window ledge planters, such as tomatoes, strawberries and a variety of herbs. Potatoes can be grown in grow bags, saving you on ground space, whilst other vegetables such as carrots can be grown in small patches as opposed to a whole plot.”

3. Peach hue’s

“Following the announcement of 2023’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Viva Magenta, Gardeners Dream saw a general increase in red, maroon and purple plants and flowers. This year we expect to see a  similar uplift in peach and apricot tones, as people look to incorporate 2024’s Pantone colour, Peach Fuzz, into the gardens.”

If you want to add a little Peach Fuzz to your garden, look to flowers such as Geum Mai Tai, Peach Weigela, Peach hued roses, or if you want to make a real statement, Pink Rosea Cortaderia Selloana Pampas Grass will do just the job.”

4. Azalea set to be shrub of the year

“Searches for ‘beautiful flowers’ are on an upward trajectory on Pinterest. Looking at our internal data gives us a great insight into what we predict is going to be the shrub of the year amongst garden enthusiasts.”

“Azaleas are the most searched flowering shrub by customers on the site currently, and particular varieties have seen some huge sale increases. 
Purple Azaleas have seen a 400% increase in sales compared to the same time last year, whilst Orange Azaleas are up 100%.”

“It’s not just the ground shrub variety however, Red Azalea Japonica Patio Trees have seen a 300% increase. Like the shrub, the patio trees are evergreen, giving your garden a pop of colour all year round, with blooms coming in by mid to late spring. These trees are also a great option for those who only have a small garden space or balcony, adding colour and interest without compromising to much on space!”

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