Data Centre Providers’ Facilities; A must for any expanding business

Wednesday 06th Oct 2021 |

Data centres are physical facilities that organisations and businesses use to house their critical applications and data. 

The design of a data centre is based on a network of computing and storage resources that facilitate the delivery of shared applications and data. 

Here we have come up with some reasons why expanding businesses should use data centre providers to store and manage their data safely offsite in 2021. 

Data Security and Protecting Sensitive Data 

Data security has become a top priority for businesses in 2021 due to the vast amount of data accumulation in today’s tech-lead business environment. Businesses must monitor their data protection and cyber security systems regularly to try and help them detect any potential security risks and cyber-attacks as early as possible. 

Data centre solution providers are able to identify cyber security risks and threats for businesses and deal with them swiftly and effectively. As well as the enhanced technological security of data, reliable data centre providers such as VIRTUS also ensure they have plenty of physical security in place by installing 24-hour CCTV surveillance, security doors, burglar alarm systems, access management and so on at their data centre facilities.  

For organisations and businesses which hold a lot of sensitive confidential client data such as social services, the NHS, and private healthcare companies, data security and protecting sensitive data is very important. If it was stolen or got into the wrong hands, clients could potentially find their private information published publicly over the internet. Any business today which must store and manage particularly sensitive data about clients should use a reputable and secure data centre company. 

Lower Costs 

Using a colocation centre with a data provider company to house your data is far cheaper than paying to install and maintain an in-house data centre infrastructure. 


Expanding businesses need data centres to help them scale-up digitally and quickly take on additional resources. Data centres providers are able to adapt to meet the computing demands of businesses which are growing exponentially in size and operations. They help a business to leverage the technical resources required promptly and cost-effectively.  

Data Storage and Management 

A business’s data storage needs to progressively increase to keep up with the pace of the surge. Data Centre providers are constantly coming up with innovative new data management and storage methods to allow more businesses to branch out from the relying on cloud computing.  

Better Growth Opportunities for Modern Businesses 

Most businesses in 2021 are embracing data centre providers as they realise the critical role data plays in the growth of their business operations. A top-quality data centre provider should be able to automate and integrate an expanding business’s data centre management. 

Improve Customer Experience with Your Business Using Data Centre Providers 

In business, a famous old adage is that the customer should always come first. Efficient data management from an expert data centre provider should strengthen a business’s capacity to communicate and engage regularly with the customer.  

Save Office Space 

Data centres can take up quite a fair amount of space in an office building. Renting a third-party space at a data centre situated offsite may enable you to free up some office space at work and have a more relaxed open plan office layout where everything is more spaced out. 

Fast-growing businesses in 2021 should look to use the services of data centre providers. 

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