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Why You Should Study for a Cyber Security Degree in 2023? 

Thursday 07th Jul 2022 |

Cyber security is becoming one of the most popular college degrees. In large part, this is due to a growing demand for cyber security specialists. The number of cyber security professionals grew from 3.5 million in 2020 to over 4 million in 2021.

More than 300,000 of them were based in the UK and over 1 million in the United States. Demand is expected to keep rising in the years to come. 

With digital transformation in full swing, employers need to keep their computer systems and networks secure. They do not spare resources to protect information from inadvertent or deliberate damage or theft. Data loss may lead to harmful disruptions and could cost companies huge losses. Keep reading to find out more about the rationale for choosing a cyber security degree in 2023. 

  • Multi-faceted subject 

Cyber security degrees cover a broad range of topics, which students master to build a solid knowledge base. They start with basic data analysis and basic scripting tools and skills and go on to study the fundamentals of secure design and information assurance.  

Students also get a handle on cyber defense strategies and the nature and practice of cyber threats. They learn how to secure IT systems and networks from potential cyber-attacks. In addition, students come to grips with the legal and ethical implications and related compliance considerations.  

  • High earnings 

Cyber security jobs are well-paid. On average, the salary of entry-level cyber security professionals exceeds the global median wages by $10,000. Some of the key managerial positions can fetch well over $200,000 a year.  

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  • Growing demand  

Cyber security will be one of the most demanded jobs in the next decade. By 2029, demand is projected to increase by over 30%. This is mind-boggling because it far exceeds the average job growth of 4%.  

The growth is not accidental. It reflects a steadily increasing number of cyber-attacks. In 2021 alone, a 62% year-on-year increase was registered in the number of ransomware complaints.  

  • Opportunities for remote learning 

Students can also choose to learn remotely to be able to combine their studies with other commitments. Online degrees will let you plan your study time and learn at your own pace. The beauty of online learning is that you can travel while studying too.  

If you value flexibility, make sure to review the top online educational platforms. Learn about their pros and cons and specific offers. Choose one that meets your needs best and enjoy the learning experience. 

  • Opportunities for consultancy 

You won’t have to work for others to make a living. Some people prefer the freedom of working as independent contractors or consultants. As a highly-skilled cyber security expert, you can always count on numerous consultancy requests from companies as well as government agencies. Needs may vary from cyber security assessments to specific recommendations on cyber hardening and data security. 


You can’t get it wrong by opting for a cyber security degree in 2023. It is a fascinating subject with lots of linkages with related disciplines. Demand for cyber security professionals is on the rise, and we should expect steady growth in demand in the labor market. Graduates can choose between working for large companies and going it alone as consultants. In either case, they are for making a substantial income. 

Joanne Elliot has a proven track record in professional writing and IT services. She has earned a great reputation among students for her unbiased and fact-based reviews and updates. Joanne’s crisp observations, findings, and recommendations help thousands of students make the right decisions and choices. 

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