Candles As A Skincare Product

Candles As A Skincare Product – Creative Energy Candles Founder Tells How 

Wednesday 29th May 2024 |

Kara Sherritt founded Creative Candles with one vision – to create a candle that is of such high quality in its ingredients, that it should also be used as skincare.

An unusual approach, that has quickly become a globally recognized product. We spoke to Kara to hear everything about the idea that is now found in households all around the world.  

The sensation of candle wax on the skin is obviously not an entirely new idea, the warm wax can give a special experience to our senses. However, the wax actually being beneficial for your skin – to a degree that it becomes a high quality skin care product – was completely unheard of when Kara Sherrit launched Creative Energy candles. We asked Kara about the beginnings of her brand, as well as how the candles help take care of our skin. 

Kara, your candles are so popular now, was this the vision you had when you started? 

Kara: Funny enough, I sort of stumbled into candle-making out of necessity! Back in 2008, during one of the worst recessions in recent US history, I was working as a creative director. I went to work one day and found the office doors locked – I had been laid off. This was right around Christmas time, I was pregnant, and I desperately needed to make some money for the holidays. As a child I used to love playing around with candle wax, so I figured now that I’m a middle-aged woman concerned about skin care, maybe it was time to try making candles that could also benefit my skin. It really started as an act of desperation, but once I began developing recipes and testing different waxes and scents, I fell in love with the art and science of candle-making. What began as a stressful situation turned into a passion, and now here we are over a decade later with a successful business! I guess you could say necessity really was the mother of invention in my case. The recession ended up being a blessing in disguise! 

That’s incredible. Organic candles are a popular trend and the market is growing, however your approach is special. Would you say this adds an additional dimension to your dedication to source quality ingredients? 

Kara: You’re right that there are a lot of organic and natural candles out there these days. But ours are a little different from the rest. You see, we use cosmetic-grade soybean wax rather than regular soy wax. This wax is actually made for skin contact, not just burning. We also infuse our candles with skin-nourishing vitamins like A, E, and K. One of the main ingredients is certified organic extra-virgin coconut oil, which has all kinds of beneficial properties for your skin. Even our wicks are 100% cotton, which any candle maker will tell you is hard to find. So I like to think of our candles as a “two-in-one” – not only a natural, environmentally-friendly candle, but also a healthy lotion for your skin as the wax melts. We take sourcing high-quality ingredients very seriously to create something really unique. 

What are the benefits of the Creative Energy Candles candle wax on your skin? 
Kara: Absolutely! Our candle wax is formulated with a nourishing blend of cosmetic-grade oils that provide wonderful wellness benefits for all skin types. The extra virgin organic coconut oils act like a natural Neosporin, helping to heal cuts, burns, and other skin irritations – or as my kids like to call them, “boo-boos.” The warming oils create a soothing 100 degree temperature, like a warm bath, while the infusion of vitamins enhances skin elasticity and restores a healthy balance. 

We’ve even received special requests from cancer research hospitals for our unscented lotion candles. The healing oils and warmth not only nourish patients’ skin, but also provide comfort and elevate their well-being during treatment. Our candle wax really does it all – you could call it skincare and self-care all in one! 

Now, you’ve got to tell us – we’ve heard that you are also the person behind the design of the product packaging, is this true? 

Kara: Yes, it’s true! I just can’t help myself when it comes to art and creative development. You could say it’s my passion. I studied graphic design at Savannah College of Art and Design, which was an incredible experience, thanks Dad! I draw inspiration from everywhere, from vintage wallpaper patterns to the intricate designs found in nature. When it comes to Creative Energy Candles I do it all! Oh, where do I even begin? I work on everything from the website design to product development to brochures to photography to stickers and, of course, the packaging design. Just to name a few things. 

Definitely wanted to do something different with our candle packaging. I knew from my experience in corporate America that packaging costs can add up quickly. So, I wanted to create something simple and eco-friendly. That’s why I decided to use recycled paper wraps to put around the glass candles—plus, it allows customers to smell the candle before purchasing without having to tear apart a box, the candle just slides out of a sleeve. 

 I really thought about the customer when designing the packaging. Plus, it saves money that we can put back into quality ingredients. It’s a win-win situation! 

What’s the biggest success for you when it comes to the story of Creative Energy Candles? 

Kara: The story of Creative Energy Candles has been quite a journey! I’d say the biggest success has been seeing the business grow and evolve over the years, reflecting the different phases of my own life. The people God placed in my path at just the right moments were so instrumental in shaping this company into what it is now. From the humble beginnings working out of my home to securing those first big accounts, it’s been filled with trials and learning curves that every entrepreneur faces. I still remember the excitement of getting our candles featured in a major magazine. When I put every penny I had into my first trade show in Atlanta, it was make or break. If it worked out, great. If not, I was going back to the corporate world. But we ended up gaining more accounts than I could have ever imagined. Through it all, everyone who has been a part of Creative Energy Candles over the years has become like family. We’ve been in it together through good times and bad. 

One thing that has always been at the heart of Creative Energy Candles is giving back. Whether it’s through fundraising, donating money for mission trips, flying candles down to Caribbean islands after hurricanes, or giving candles to the homeless during winter, we’ve donated thousands of candles over the years. We try to spread a little light and warmth in other people’s lives. 

This company has taken me on quite a ride, from the two-car garage to a thriving business. But it’s always been about more than just making money. Creative Energy Candles is really about people, faith, and shedding light wherever we can. I’m excited to see where God takes us on this journey next! After all, it’s God’s business, I’m just along for the ride! 

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