‘Calm-cations’ Are the Travel Trend of the Times

Wednesday 25th Oct 2023 |

No longer content to ‘rough it,’ travellers are now looking for waterfront locations, crystalline skies with views, and even high-speed connectivity to bolster their camping experience, three elements they claim contribute most to their feelings of relaxation and wellness. Known as ‘Calm-cations,’ these peaceful getaways offer a welcome respite from the turbulent global landscape, yet offer the must-have amenities many travellers have come to expect thanks to modern, resort-like campground offerings. 

Recent research by Campspot, a leading online reservation and campground management platform, highlights the rise of these getaways and sheds light on why this trend has taken hold in such a timely and significant way. 

Economic Uncertainty Drives the Quest for Calm 

The global economic landscape has been marked by unpredictability, leaving many travellers searching for a haven that provides solace and serenity. With 1 in 3 respondents of Campspot’s survey feeling stressed or very stressed about economic uncertainty in the year ahead and nearly 70% of travellers craving a sense of calm and relaxation on their trips in 2024, it’s clear tranquillity is on the menu. ‘Calm-cations’ have emerged as the ideal solution, offering a refuge from the complexities and uncertainties of daily life. 

Travellers Have Had Their Revenge 

Revenge travel, where individuals made up for missed adventures during the pandemic, saw a surge in recent years. However, this fast-paced style of travel, marked by bucket-list ticking and a relentless quest for experiences, can leave travellers feeling drained and disconnected from the essence of the destinations they visit. While overall travel demand looks to remain strong in 2024, ‘Calm-cations’ offer a counterbalanced experience prioritizing a true mental refresh. In fact, Campspot data shows that more than half (58%) of travellers think camping offers a more significant break from the everyday routine compared to other types of travel like flying or hotel stays, and 93% of those surveyed reported they feel more relaxed or mentally refreshed after time spent camping versus other kinds of trips. 

Budget Bliss

With economic concerns looming large, ‘Calm-cations’ offer an affordable alternative to traditional vacations. Campspot’s data suggests that camping can be significantly more cost-effective than traditional vacations, making ‘Calm-cations’ an attractive option for those seeking value without compromising on experiences. Additionally, most (68%) of Campspot’s survey respondents agree that an affordable nightly rate contributes to a feeling of relaxation and mental refresh when staying at a campground. 

Types of ‘Calm-cations’ 

Campspot data revealed three types of ‘Calm-cations’ inspired by the top factors travellers claim contribute most to feelings of relaxation and wellness when camping: 

● Water-lust Wellness: Water has long been known for its healing properties, and it seems campers agree, with 64% claiming nearby natural water features such as beaches, rivers, and, most especially, lakes contribute to their feeling of relaxation when spending time outdoors. Additionally, the most in-demand campground amenities were water-themed, with campers most interested in going to the beach, boating, kayaking, fishing, and paddle boating. 

● Fresh Air, Clear Sky Sanctuaries: Fresh air was the number one element that travellers felt contributed to their feelings of relaxation while spending time outdoors, while more than half (63%) of campers are looking for amazing views as part of their 2024 camping trips. With recent reporting from the American Lung Association revealing that a staggering 1 in 4 people in the U.S. live with exposure to health-altering air pollution, it’s no wonder that camping trips with access to clear skies are high on the list. 

● High-Speed Relaxation: In today’s world, travellers feel most able to disconnect, when they are in fact, connected. 91% of campers desire access to the internet of some kind, with 64% feeling most relaxed with high-speed internet availability, rather than limited or no access. While nature getaways still offer plenty of opportunities for a break in the digital deluge, it’s clear that travellers today prefer to have a choice of exactly when to unplug. 

As 2024 unfolds, Campspot invites travellers from all walks of life to experience the magic of ‘Calm-cations.’ Whether you’re an experienced camper or new to the world of outdoor adventures, these experiences promise to rejuvenate the spirit and create incredible experiences without breaking the bank. It’s time to embark on a journey of mindfulness, nature, and revitalization with ‘Calm-cations,’ the resurgent travel trend of the year. 

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