Wǒ; Travelling to relieve stress

Wednesday 01st Sep 2021 |

Taking a well needed break from home life stressors and time off work reduces cortisol levels, resulting in a calmer mind.

The way you feel manifests itself in your skin, the excess production of cortisol can lead to oily skin, under eye circles, dryness and premature ageing. 

Wǒ’s Daily Base™ Revive Oil provides instant relief to dry, stressed out skin to offer protection against daily pressures. These portable vials, are perfect for going away, packaged in a travel friendly format so you don’t have to compromise your skincare routine when travelling.

A change of environment can feel like a breath of fresh air and getting away no matter where your happy place is, can help to rejuvenate the mind. 

Proven by the emotional impacts of what felt like never ending lockdowns, going away to new places allows the mind to explore further beyond your four walls. Staying inspired by new places will improve your overall mood and outlook on life. Remember, when changing the environment, your skin will react to any alterations. Take the Wǒ Skin Diagnostic to gain full confidence that your skincare routine is exact to your unique skin needs. This flexible solution allows you to switch up your routine whenever necessary for free in under just 5 minutes. Say goodbye to waste and fuss!

If experiencing new cultures, food and activities are something you enjoy, travelling should be a key essential in your life. 

Doing what you love will promote a better sense of purpose, creating a more motivated, productive self. Taking time for self-care releases the reward chemical called dopamine, helping you feel good. Adopting a skincare routine is one way you can optimise the impact, building healthy habits into a happier life will preserve that positive glow even after travelling. Wǒ’s Daily Base™ range maintains skin health every day, replacing your makeup remover, cleanser and moisturiser for everlasting radiance.

4. Socialising and sharing travels with loved ones or meeting new friends enhances your sense of belonging.

Experiencing new places with others will form deeper and more meaningful connections, promoting feelings of fulfillment and love. Sharing your skincare with others has the same effect! With Wǒ, just simply snap off a vial from the strip and have some fun sharing and testing products.
Did you know Wǒ is also environmentally friendly for travel? All of our packagings is recyclable! Due to the monodose format making the products so lightweight, this reduces your carbon footprint within the product cycle when travelling around.
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