Biotiful Gut Health

Biotiful Brings Innovation to Ambient Gut Health

Tuesday 02nd Jan 2024 |

Biotiful Gut Health, the UK’s leading Kefir brand, continues on their innovative journey with their first ever ambient Gut Health product launch.

The new Biotiful Meal Boosters are a delicious blend of billions of live cultures, prebiotic fibre, oats, fruits, seeds and spices. These exciting new products make it easy and enjoyable to look after your Gut Health, by simply sprinkling on top of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or smoothies.

Each product is high in fibre, with added vitamins B5, B12 and D3, and contains no added sugar. 

Initially available exclusively from the Biotiful website from 1st January, Biotiful Meal Boosters come in three flavours; and are priced at £8.00 for a 210g pouch. Each pouch contains 30 servings, meaning a cost effective 27p per day. 

Biotiful Gut Health

o   IMMUNITY ( Berry Blend )

Support your immune system with Biotiful Berry Blend Meal Booster – made with billions of live cultures that have been expertly mixed with the best quality oats, flaxseeds, goji berry and strawberry, and also containing Vitamins B12 and D3 which both contribute to the normal function of the immune system. 

o   ENERGY ( Cacao Blend )

Biotiful Cacao Blend Meal Booster is a fantastic way to give you an energy boost! Made with billions of live cultures that have been carefully blended with the best quality oats, flaxseeds, cacao nibs and dried cherries, this product also contains Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B5– both of which help reduce tiredness and fatigue and keep you going through the day. 

o   FOCUS (Coconut)

Hitting a lull but needing to focus? Biotiful Coconut Blend Meal Booster is made with billions of live cultures that have been expertly mixed with the best quality oats, flaxseeds, coconut and turmeric – as well as with Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) to support normal cognitive function. 

Driven by the success of Biotiful, Gut Health continues to be one of the biggest wellness trends of 2024, meaning that this product launch is perfectly timed. Consumers are increasingly aware of the pivotal role of gut health, as the foundation of good physical and mental wellbeing. The heightened consumer awareness of the importance of good gut health can be seen in the incredible rise of Kefir sales – up by almost 200% in value over the last three years. ( Source IRI to 9th July 2023 )

Biotiful Gut Health

Commenting on the launch of the Biotiful Meal Boosters Range, Founder and CEO of Biotiful Gut Health, Natasha Bowes said;

“Here at Biotiful we’re on a mission to make deliciously natural Gut Health accessible to all. After pioneering the Kefir category in Dairy, we’re bringing our Gut Health expertise to the ambient category. These three Meal Boosters have been specially created to combine the best of nutrition, flavour and convenience – something we know that consumers are looking for. “ 

For over a decade, Biotiful Gut Health has been perfecting Kefir Drinks based on an authentic 2000-year-old recipe, with British milk and billions of live cultures. Pioneering the Kefir category in the UK, they hold over 70% market share with their Kefir Drinks and now have most comprehensive range of natural Gut Health products in the market. Biotiful has been instrumental in growing the UK Kefir Category from its infancy to nearly £100m today. 

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