Bedroom Interior; Experts share the impact on our health

Tuesday 16th Jan 2024 |

Feeling down in the dumps after blue Monday? The colours of your bedroom walls may be to blame…How bedroom colours could affect our health?

According to Dr. Hana Patel, resident sleep expert at Time4Sleep, the colours in our homes can have a huge impact on our sleep habits and general wellbeing. To help you create a calming sleep environment, Dr. Patel shares her insight on 2024’s trending bedroom colours below.

Expert shares how trending colours could impact sleep quality.

To help you rest easy and create a stylish home that serves your health, Dr. Hana Patel, resident sleep expert at Time4Sleep, shares her thoughts on the forecasted colour trends and how they may impact your sleep:

“Although light may be one of the most important factors for regulating sleep, many people don’t realise how important your mood is. Feeling tense, anxious or overstimulated can prevent the sympathetic nervous system from relaxing and can therefore keep you awake at night. Interestingly, different colours have been shown to produce varying emotional reactions. This means that the colours you surround yourself with may have a significant impact on your ability to get to sleep.

Neutral Interior

“Generally speaking, it’s best to keep vibrant colours out of the bedroom to avoid overstimulation. Lighter earthy tones or pastels are good options for your sleeping environment, as well as blue and green tones, which have been shown to promote calm states of mind. 

Peach Fuzz 2024

“Peachy shades similar to Pantone’s colour of the year, Peach Fuzz, are particularly great for decorating sleeping areas as they are warm, friendly and positive, yet light and gentle on the eyes.

“Etsy’s colour of the year on the other hand, which is a deep shade of berry, is much more stimulating for our brains, meaning it should generally be avoided in the bedroom. Because berry shades often have some red tones in them, they may also lead to slight irritability or negative emotions. 

“Instead of using a berry shade on bedroom walls, consider using it in daytime living spaces, such as the kitchen or lounge. If you’re still keen on adding it to your sleep space, try using it in smaller quantities, such as windowsill decor or throw pillow accents.”

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