How to Find the Right Colour of the Year for You

Friday 29th Jan 2021 |

The trend forecasters have spoken. 2021’s colour of the year predictions from Pantone, Dulux, Crown and Graham and Brown are in and, with an unprecedented 12 months behind us, it’s not surprising that the results are eclectic.

From practical greys and aspirational yellows to earthy beiges, regal purples and uplifting brights – whilst 2021’s colour trend predictions are diverse, they offer a wide range of inspiration for anyone looking to inject some colour into their interiors.

If you’re struggling to decipher your Ultimate Gray from your Brave Ground, or your Illuminating from your Epoch – here design experts from The Rug Seller, Apollo Blinds and My Fitted Bedroom unravel the latest trends and how to make them work in your home – whatever your taste.

Colour of the Year – Pantone

Pantone has been making colour trend predictions for two decades and this year is only the second time in its history that it has opted for two Colours of the Year, instead of one. Pantone has paired the practical and solid ‘Ultimate Gray’ with ‘Illuminating’ – a yellow expressing hope and happiness – to create a 2021 predication which shows how ‘different elements can come together to support each one other’.

“Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, this is a colour combination that gives us resilience and hope”, explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute. 

Megan Baker, Head of Design at My Fitted Bedroom, says: “Grey and yellow is a colour combination that has been popular in home decor for the past few years and I think it will be reassuring to home homeowners that this trend is very much here to stay – especially for anyone looking to invest in fitted furniture which needs to stand the test of time. A bit of sunny optimism is what we need in 2021 and I look forward to seeing the yellow home accessories trend grow further as people brighten up their spaces with this uplifting colour.”

Elise Fitted Wardrobes in Dove Grey from

Daniel Prendergast, Design Director at The Rug Seller, says: “Grey is already one of our best-selling shades – both as a block colour and a pattern. In 2021 I would love to see homeowners embrace the yellow in this colour prediction – opting for block brights and being unapologetic about bringing this joyful shade into their homes in abundance.”

Top: Zehraya Persian Distressed Rug from £154.99, Ombre Wool Rug from £292. Bottom: Harlequin Rhythm Rug from £435, Noble House Rug from £99, Hong Kong Rug from £99.99 – all from

Colour of the Year – Dulux

Whilst Dulux has also focused on communicating a message of strength via its Colour of the Year selection, this year the leading paint brand has opted for a “reassuring” earthy beige hue called Brave Ground. The brand has looked to nature for its 2021 colour prediction which reflects ‘the strength we can draw from nature, our growing desire to align more with the planet and looking towards the future.’

Matt Thomas, Design Director at Apollo Blinds says: “The beauty of Brave Ground is that people will easily be able to visualise how they use this colour in their own living spaces without the need to completely re-decorate. Whether that is through window dressing, a statement wall or via art and home accessories, this colour is all about comfort and reassurance which a lot of people are looking to in their home interior choices.”

Bottom: Duette Blind in Natural, Batiste Elephant Blinds. All from

Daniel Prendergast, Design Director at The Rug Seller says: “Beiges can be warmer than greys making them versatile and a good basis to build a colour scheme around via rugs and soft furnishings. If you’re looking to go bold with beige, then layering different shades can create a really impactful and tasteful space.”

Top: Sarita Jute Boucle Fringed Rug from £74, Eris Marbled Modern Abstract Rug from £63

Bottom: Spiral Circle Rug from £209.99, Yara Art Deco Rug from £1,039, Katherine Carnaby Chrome Designer Rug from £371. All from

Colour of the Year – Crown

Rather than focusing on one colour for 2021, Crown has curated three new colour palettes which provide a much brighter, vibrant and uplifting outlook than Pantone and Dulux.

The new palettes – Witty, Foresight and Cocoon – have been inspired by a hopeful mix of influences including Bauhaus and the New London Fabulous Movement.

Both Witty and Foresight feature bright, cheerful and uplifting shades which focus on optimism, positivity and celebrating creativity and diversity. Witty embodies an 80’s vibe and combines pastels with brights, whilst Foresight looks to vibrant shades of yellow, pink, orange and blue to allow homeowners to showcase their creativity in the home. In contrast, Cocoon offers a palette of soft neutral tones which have a restful, calming effect and look to nature for inspiration.

Daniel Prendergast, Design Director at The Rug Seller says, “It is great to see that Crown has gone bold with its 2021 colour palettes – adding some much-needed vibrance and positivity into interiors. Whilst block blues, pinks and oranges aren’t for everyone, this palette provides the perfect basis for adding a bit of colour back into the UK’s homes. If re-painting your house is a step too far then use these for inspiration for your home furnishings.”

Top: Funk Modern Wool Rug in Multi and Funk Triangles Rug in Multi, both from £334.99

Bottom: Camden Rug from £300, Ted Baker Tranquility Rug from £419.01, Radiant Art Rug in Rainbow from £275. All from

Matt Thomas, Design Director at Apollo Blinds says: “Crown is challenging people to step outside their comfort zone in 2021 and there is a lot to be said about the bold and lively colour schemes that is has selected. With hundreds of colour options to choose from – just think, how could a vibrant, bright blind change the look of your room?”

Top: Capital Collection Camden Roller Blind, Pleated Blinds in Selina Fresh. Middle: Serengeti Roller Blind, Elegance Twilight Blinds in Red. Bottom: Venetian Blinds in Red, Duette® Blinds in Pink

Megan Baker, Head of Design at My Fitted Bedroom says: “When it comes to fitted bedroom furniture, classic indigo blue has been popular this year and this is set to continue into 2021 and beyond. The secret of going bold with large pieces of furniture, is to keep it as classic as possible. Blues and greens are perfect for upping the ante in the colour stakes.”

Elise Fitted Wardrobes in Classic Blue from

Colour of the Year – Graham & Brown

Proud, regal and luxurious, Graham and Brown has selected Epoch (also described as a directional shade of plum) as its must have colour of 2021. Providing the option to create high impact interior spaces, or paired back into subdued soothing schemes, Graham & Brown describes the colour as ‘calming and cocooning’, saying that “it echoes a wider interiors trends which looks to create restful spaces for healthier, happier homes.”

Megan Baker, Head of Design at My Fitted Bedroom, says: “Plum is a rich and luxurious tone which pairs really well with the greys and neutrals that are also set to thrive in 2021. Whilst in fitted bedroom furniture any plum shades are more likely to feature in the grey end of the colour spectrum, it is clear to see how they can create a sumptuous and cosy finish in the bedroom via wall colour, soft furnishings and accessories.”

Top: Sliding Wardrobes in Mulberry and Plum. Bottom: Shaker Pietra Fitted Bedroom, Cassia Fitted Bedroom in Willow. All from

Matt Thomas, Design Director at Apollo Blinds, says: “A versatile shade – Plum can be both high impact and subtle, making it the perfect option for blinds or curtains and proving you can go bold in a classy and luxurious way.”

Top: Plum Curtains with Berry Roman Blinds, Pleated Blinds in Mulberry. Bottom: Duette® Blinds in Plum. All from

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