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The beauty industry moves fast, with new treatments and procedures being researched and launched all the time. 

To discover which ‘tweakments’ and treatments we’ll be talking about into 2021 we spoke to Dr Rosh, a Top 100 Global Aesthetic Leader and medical director of award-winning Cheshire clinic KLNIK, for his take on the beauty trends to look out for…

The Meeting in the Mirror:

We now live in an era where video meetings are the norm. Traditionally we were used to presenting our work faces to other people, now we see ourselves on screen almost daily. This draws attention to our own appearance; we just can’t avoid it. At KLNIK we’ve noticed people discussing this rise in ‘Zoom Face’ and becoming more interested in presenting a refreshed face to the camera.   

Natural Full Face or Holistic Fillers:

There is definitely a move towards full-face beautification and rejuvenation with fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. Often just injecting one specific area, such as lips or cheeks, can leave someone looking abnormal or have a knock on effect in another area. 

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Often all key areas need to be feathered in and can actually help someone look more natural. Yes, less can be more, but also picking the right type of filler in the right area can make all the difference in making someone look youthful. We always do a holistic anatomical facial assessment at KLNIK that incorporates every part of the face and encourages the client to see beyond fillers and perceived flaws. We see a client as a whole person not just one treatment. 

Complex Dermal Filler & Anti-Ageing treatments:

We are going to see more complex, non-traditional, filler treatments being requested, like tear trough filling. This involves filling the under-eye line, making someone look fresher and more rested.

Botulinum toxin can be used to slim the masseter (muscles by our jaw used for chewing). When this is muscle is over developed it can lead to pain in the jaw or headaches, as well as giving the look of a full face. Relaxing this increases the facial contours.

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Combination treatments with multi-modality focus:

Some treatments work better in combination, such as a laser and PRP or a hair transplant and PRP. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy uses the plasma in your own blood – that contains growth factors – to help ‘wake up’ the healing process of our hair follicles or skin. This can really boost hair growth and skin rejuvenation, especially when used in conjunction with more traditional treatments.

We are also seeing multiple devices used for non-surgical body shaping such as a use of both CoolSculpting and Emsculpt. This gives a good result from a combination of fat loss with muscle enhancement. CoolSculpting freezes fat away and Emsculpt can tone the muscles that are revealed, it’s a powerful machine that offers the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit ups in one 30 minute session!

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Non-invasive Reshaped Buttocks

With the banning of the BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) surgery in the UK – because it had a 1/3000 mortality – clients are looking for a non-invasive alternative. Again the Emsculpt device, with its extraordinary muscle toning application, can be used to lift and tighten the look of the buttocks. Used in that area the result is the equivalent of doing 20,000 squats in one 30 minute session!

Say Goodbye To Sweat:

MiraDry is a revolutionary new  FDA approved device that can dramatically reduce underarm sweating in just one treatment. It uses heat technology to permanently remove the sweat glands under the arm. It can be a life changing one time treatment, especially for Hyperhidrosis sufferers. The results are immediate, take around an hour to do and have little to no down time. There really is no need to suffer from embarrassing sweaty patches any more. 

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But still, do your homework! 

Some things will always remain the same. What Covid19 has taught us is that not all practitioners who offer filler are the same. I have had to do multiple correctional work from bad jobs done by unlicensed practitioners over lock down. Everyone needs to go to licenced health care professionals with anatomical experience and ensure the products being used are good licensed brands. Not all filler or injectables are the same. If you are getting a cheap price you are going to get a cheap result with your face. Don’t risk it. 

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