Not ready for injectables? You might want to read this.

Friday 11th Jun 2021 |

There’s no denying the youth-boosting effect that injectables can give to your complexion. But they’re not for everyone.

The idea of having needles anywhere near the face fills most people with fear. But what if you could get the same plumped skin without stepping anywhere near a needle?

‘RÉDUIT may have the answer’, says Lead Dermatologist Christopher John Quirk.

Their innovative devices use unique advanced technology to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin layers. 

Not ready for injectables? – How does RÉDUIT work? 

Painless and non-invasive, the tool uses magnetic misting to deliver the miniscule particles of the actives deep into the skin. “The tiny particles are dispersed across the face and create a fine film that has 38 x better absorption than traditional products”, says Dermatologist Christopher John Quirk.

Not ready for injectables? – How does it compare to other topical skincare?

Most skincare products contain particles that are too large to be absorbed by the skin, and they simply sit on the surface and create a barrier. “Yes, your skin may feel hydrated, but it is the texture of the cream that we perceive as being soft and hydrated – not the skin”, says Dermatologist Christopher John Quirk.

Not ready for injectables? – What is magnetic misting? 

“A magnetic field is produced inside the RÉDUIT device, which allows each droplet of the ingredient rich mist to penetrate the skin tissue and cells”, says Dermatologist Christopher John Quirk. He adds, “The same technology also helps to improve moisture levels and absorption of the product by using diamagnetic repulsion”. In other words, it effectively disperses the product over your complexion and enhances the process of skincare penetration.

Not ready for injectables? – Does it give the same effect as injectables? 

It’s not the same treatment, so of course not. However, “REDUIT helps to penetrate active ingredients deeper into the skin without invasive techniques,” says Dermatologist Christopher John Quirk. He adds, “RÉDUIT can magnetically” push” selected active molecules deeper into the skin. As a result, RÉDUIT’s delivery method does not traumatize the skin and induces no immunological or inflammatory response.”

What results can you expect to receive from using a REDUIT device?

  • Brighter, healthier-looking skin.   
  • A fresher complexion that isn’t clogged by a heavy formulation. 
  • A more protected skin barrier function. Increasing by +28% (*TEWL)
  • A more even skin tone showing *50% less redness after application.

Reduit is available to buy now from with the brand promising thousands of free devices when taking the beauty quiz to discover which are the perfect pods for you. The beauty quiz can be found here. 

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