Beating the bulge; Our top meal replacement picks

Monday 09th Nov 2020 |

Fancy dropping a pound or two? We’ve certainly felt the strain on our waistbands since working from home, could meal replacement drinks help us cut the calories and get back into our favourite jeans?

We have pulled together a list of our favourite meal replacement drinks that make skipping a heavy meal more enjoyable.

Myvegan Whole Fuel Blend

Our Whole Fuel Blend is a nutritionally rich formula with the perfect ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs. It offers a convenient way to include important nutrients in your diet without the need for meal-prep or specific ingredients.

Myprotein Meal Replacement Blend

Being mindful about your calorie intake doesn’t mean you should give up on nutrients and taste. Our delicious Protein Meal Replacement Blend will support your weight loss goals, while providing your body with the essentials it needs.

The Fast 800 natural, convenient shakes

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Lifestyle programme, The Fast 800, has launched 200-calorie shakes, packed with natural ingredients. The shakes offer the ultimate combination of nutrition and convenience. As we head back to the office, healthy, convenient and affordable lunches will be more important than ever, as many fast lunch spots may remain closed.

The natural shakes take just 30 seconds to make, and only require a shaker and spoon. They are high in protein and contain 26 vitamins and minerals alongside an ingredient-list of natural foods the average shopper will recognise.

Nutri-Genetix (NGX) is the world’s first genetically personalised nutrition shake, tailored to an individual’s own DNA.

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Using a super quick and easy swab test (inside the cheek) the NGX team are then able to build a personalised blend of NGX Bodyfuel based on your genetic make-up. They test for 28 traits in your DNA to assess how you metabolise and process different nutrients, your sensitivities to different foods and your body’s detoxification process. You’re then given a detailed report of your results and how this may affect you, for example if you have a slightly reduced ability to metabolise folate, this can have an impact on your energy levels and muscle performance. 

F1 Savoury from Herbalife Nutrition

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Need a meal that can keep up with your lifestyle? Introducing F1 Savoury – a new healthy meal from Herbalife Nutrition that combines great flavours with gluten- free, vegan ingredients – perfect for life on the go. Formulated with a delicious mushroom & herb flavour, F1 Savoury can be enjoyed with your choice of heated milk or worked into recipes to bring added nutrition to all your favourite meals. From risottos and soups to stir fries and bakes, the porcini mushroom and herb flavour brings a hit of goodness to a wide mix of dishes. A great option for those days when life gets hectic, F1 Savoury provides 25 key vitamins and minerals in one healthy and convenient meal. It’s also high in protein with no added sugar, making it a healthy, warming and delicious option for lunch (or dinner!). F1 Savoury is available to purchase through Independent Herbalife Nutrition Members at 

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