The Fast 800: Tailored food and exercise plan

Monday 21st Dec 2020 |

Dr Michael Mosley, along with personal trainers, mindfulness experts, health coaches and nutritionists, have developed a new and medically sound way to help people taking control of their weight.   

As Michael says “Whether you have a lot of weight to lose rapidly, or your health goals are to lose a little, get fitter and supercharge your health, The Fast 800 is flexible enough to suit most people. But I still have so many people asking me for additional advice, support and guidance to implement the right plan for them, which is why we have created a digital lifestyle support programme to complement the book.”

The Fast 800 digital lifestyle programme

The programme tailors its food and exercise plan based on an individual’s personal online assessment.  The digital programme has been developed by a team of healthcare experts under Michael’s guidance, for people who want more support and accountability to achieve weight loss, as well as extra help changing their habits.

For those needing to lose a lot of weight rapidly, there is the “super-fast plan” based on 800 calories per day for 12 weeks.  If you have less weight to lose and want to focus on fitness and a sustainable lifestyle, there is a 5:2 plan which is based on 5 days of healthy eating and two fasting days.  Or, if you are already at a healthy weight but would like to super-charge your health, the Mediterranean-style plan a third option. This science based approach which not only reversed Michael’s type 2 diabetes, sparked his drive to help create a sustainable, flexible programme, with healthy eating at its core.  

The new Fast 800 programme has been designed to help people who are obese, have type 2 diabetes, are pre-diabetic, or have a chronic illness such as, fatty liver disease or depression.  It is a 12 week support plan based on a lower carbohydrate Mediterranean diet at its core. 

The Fast 800 concept offers a sustainable plan for the growing number of people who struggle with weight loss and want to continue eating proper meals.  The plan steers them to eat healthily so that the results they achieve are sustainable and their weight remains stable for the long term.  But this is only one part of the programme. 

Fast, delicious food

The Fast 800 food element of the programme presents personalised menus of easy-to-prepare – and importantly – delicious recipes which embrace the Mediterranean principles of consuming a diet rich in healthy proteins and vegetables and lower in carbs.  Healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts are encouraged and the occasional glass of wine or bite of dark chocolate is allowed, so that people eat well, remain sated and don’t feel deprived.

Studies show:

·         Those on a Mediterranean diet are 30% less likely to die from a heart attack or stroke and cut their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 50%

·         In a study of 306 people that investigated whether intensive weight management (800 calorie diet for 3-5 months) would achieve remission of type 2 diabetes versus a control group based on best-practice care guidelines, at 12 months there was remission of diabetes in 46% of the intervention groups and 4% of the control group. There was a weight loss of 15 kg+ in 24% of participants in the intervention group, and no participants in the control group. [i]

“It’s so much more than a meal plan.”

The brand new website – – launched in parallel with the book and features a life changing plan adopted by Michael Mosley.  It offers a step-by-step plan incorporating tools and resources designed to empower people ready to implement their own version of The Fast 800. ‘Based on science and designed for people’, the TV doctor and his team has created a brand new digital approach for those who could benefit from extended guidance and support to achieve their health goals.

The Fast 800 digital lifestyle programme brings together the latest science relating to what and how we eat, how to exercise and mindfulness (with a library of videos to follow). The programme tools are designed to support habit change and help people establish a sustainable and healthy lifestyle approach.  Key to this is offering an easy-access digital environment where there is a community of comrades sharing the journey, as well as coaches offering guidance and support.

Dr Michael Mosley and The Fast 800 launch natural and convenient shakes delivered to your door for post-lockdown health ‘reset’ 

Lifestyle programme, The Fast 800, has launched 200-calorie shakes, packed with natural ingredients containing essential nutrients that will help to support immune systems across the UK.

High in protein and containing 26 vitamins and minerals alongside an ingredient-list of natural foods the average shopper will recognise, The Fast 800 shakes offer the ultimate combination of nutrition and convenience.

Created by Dr Michael Mosley’s team at The Fast 800, the shakes are founded on scientific evidence suggesting low-carb, fibre and protein-rich Mediterranean-style diets offer some of the best quality nutrition. The Mediterranean diet has been much-praised by the science community, given the abundant evidence showing those who adhere to the way of eating experience long-term weight loss, reduced heart disease and type 2 diabetes risk, amongst other health benefits.

While low in carbohydrates and with no added sugar, The Fast 800 shakes are rich in fibre, aiding beneficial gut flora in producing chemicals that reduce inflammation and support immune function.  These trillions of microbes that live in the large intestine are central to good health and play a significant part in maintaining a healthy immune system.

The fact that each 200 calorie shake also contains 20g protein is also important, because we all need healthy amounts of good quality protein every day to preserve our muscle mass and support our immune system.

Co-founder of The Fast 800, Dr Michael Mosely said accessing quick and convenient nutrition during lockdown has been tricky for many due to the closure of cafes and restaurants. In addition, many of us have struggled with periods of inactivity for a variety of reasons during lockdown, so with the country looking to re-open, now is a great time to reset your health regime with these healthy, natural and nutritious shakes.

“These shakes are packed with natural ingredients, including a quarter of your daily dose of 26 vitamins and minerals in every drink.

“You can read the ingredients list and know exactly what is in them, so they’re a terrific option when the thought of cooking isn’t appealing, or you’re time-poor.

“While I don’t think shakes should be used as a frequent replacement for a well-balanced meal, this is a convenient alternative to the processed foods we often turn to when we are stressed or when fresh food is not easy to access. They are also really helpful when doing a rapid weight loss diet.”

The shakes formula predominantly comprises seeds, nuts and coconut, whey (vegetarian) or pea and hemp (vegan) protein, and sweetened naturally with stevia. The shakes’ naturally higher levels of protein and unsaturated quality fats are the key to keeping you fuller for longer, helping to avoid cravings and endless snacking.

Many meal replacements contain added sugar, artificial sweeteners or simple carbohydrates to improve the taste and counter their low fat content. While cheap to produce, such shakes are not formulated according to scientific evidence and are not ideal for long-term health.

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