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5 Glorious Reasons to Rent a Yacht for a Day 

Tuesday 24th May 2022 |

According to data compiled from multiple sources by the World Bank, an average American lives for 78.79 years, or 28,854 days. If you’ve just turned 30 this year, you’ve scratched off 10,957 days already! 

So, if you’ve not decided that you deserve to rent a yacht for a day during all your time on earth, you need to do it now! 

Hiring a chartered yacht is a must for everyone who can do it.  Even spending time on a luxurious cruise ship is a must-do at least once in a lifetime.  If you’re still struggling to justify why you need to hire a boat for a day, don’t worry. We’ve compiled five glorious reasons to rent a yacht for a day. 

No Crowds Or Queues 

If you’re ever tried to take in the sights and sounds of the majestic Tampa Bay from the water, it often means sharing the view from the deck with tourists.  

According to Visit St.Pete/Clearwater, “In 2019, we were at about 15 million visitors,” said Hayes. “In 2021, we were at 14.8 million visitors, almost back to pre-pandemic levels.” 

There’s nothing worse than being squeezed onboard between a group of over-enthusiastic tourists.  

Instead, book a yacht and choose who’s on board with you! Also, there’s no need to stand in single file when you want to hop on and off the boat. 

Make Your Own Itinerary  

You’re subjected to a pre-determined itinerary when booking yourself onto a public tour boat.  

And heaven forbid that they vote on excluding activities you want to do!  

When charting your yacht for the day, you can do your day – YOUR WAY! 

Creating a custom itinerary around the Tampa Bay area is just a must-do. 

And as we mentioned, you can share this experience with whoever you want! 

A Private Event for Your Guests  

There’s little that creates stronger bonds between friends, family, and business colleagues than chartering a yacht.  

Whether you’ve booked a yacht to take you through the Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean, or just around the bay – hosting a private event on a boat is a must.  

Nothing beats the thrill of sipping on a drink while watching the sunset from a boat, surrounded by your favorite people. Also, you can get into deep conversations without any distractions.  

Great Service 

When you rent a yacht for the day, it often comes as a crewed charter. These professionals will not only sail the boat but also deliver drinks! 

When professionals serve drinks, no one needs to stumble across the deck clutching full drinks, as a sailor with sea legs can deliver it without spilling a drop!  

Not to mention, you can also plan your menu to order food at your convenience.  

Add That Extra Special Element  

If you’re struggling to think about making that special occasion a bit more special, a private yacht will definitely help.  

No matter the event, by simply bringing it onto the water, you’re celebrating it in a private space, allowing you to make as much noise as you please.  

And the type of occasions can vary widely, from private engagements to corporate events.  

It’s also worth mentioning this isn’t out of the reach of the average American. 

Companies like will assist with anything you could possibly imagine to make that special event – better. 

It’s Time to Rent a Yacht for a Day 

Now that we’ve laid out exactly why you need to rent a yacht for a day, we think it’s up to you to decide whether or not to rent a yacht for the day!  

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