4 Common Issues That Could Ruin Your Garden (& the Solutions)

Tuesday 24th Oct 2023 |

A beautiful garden will provide a tranquil, attractive, and private spot to relax and make memories with your nearest and dearest. Also, it will add value to the property and protect your mental health, as you can flee to the serene spot to lower your stress and anxiety levels.

Unfortunately, a few mistakes or some problem pests could destroy the beauty and serenity of your outdoor space. Here are four common issues that could ruin your garden and the best solutions available.


Weeds are every gardener’s worst enemy. The troublesome plants aren’t only unruly and unattractive, but they kill or damage your beautiful plants. Unfortunately, many types of weeds can take over a garden and, if left unchecked, damage all your hard work and effort, such as:

  • Dandelions
  • Chickweed
  • Bindweed
  • Daisies
  • Couch grass
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Groundsel
  • Stinging nettles

The Best Solution: 

Pulling up weeds one by one is time-consuming, laborious work. Weed killers can reduce the time and effort it takes to banish the unwanted plants from your exterior to restore its beauty. However, you should avoid synthetic options that can damage your garden and the environment and create a homemade weed killer instead. 

As the weed killer is created from more natural ingredients, you can relax in the knowledge that it is safe for your health and the environment. For instance, you could destroy weeds using boiling water and add salt to make it more effective. It is a simple fix to a big problem in a gorgeous garden.

Destructive Garden Insects

Various bugs can wreak havoc in a garden. The troublesome insects could destroy your exterior’s gorgeous flowers, plants, trees, fruit, or vegetables if ignored. For instance, snails and slugs can chew holes in petals, leaves, bulbs, and stems. Also, viburnum beetles can place holes in leaves from July to August.

The Best Solution: 

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all tactic to banishing unwanted insects in your garden. You may need to brush larvae off leaves, remove the bugs by hand, or welcome an insect’s natural enemies. For instance, you can deter woolly aphids by bringing ladybirds and hoverfly larvae into your garden. A little research could help you say goodbye to the pesky insects once and for all.

Invasive Plants

Some plants will make your garden appear beautiful and inviting; others can take over your exterior and detract from the serene backdrop. For instance, English ivy might look stunning at first, but the attractive plant could quickly invade your garden and even climb up your property if ignored. Also, Chinese wisteria will draw the eye to your exterior, but the seemingly harmless plant could destroy other plants and trees. Its long stalks can twist around trees and smother them.

The Best Solution:

If you have an invasive plant in your garden, you will need to pull it up from its roots to stop it growing back. Use clippers or a chainsaw to cut thick roots from the base. Depending on the plant you’re removing, you may need to use a weed killer to prevent the plant from regrowing. 


Fertiliser is commonly used to improve soil health and plant growth. Most gardeners will routinely fertilise their exteriors to create stunning blooms that command attention. Yet, automatic feeding or over-excited gardeners can make the mistake of over-fertilising their soil. Consequently, plants may wilt, appear unwell, or become seriously burnt. Excess fertiliser causes a build-up of salt in a plant’s tissues, and a lack of water will lead to significant root damage.

The Best Solution:

A white, salty crust tends to form on a soil’s surface when a garden is over-fertilised. If you notice this problem in your garden, you shouldn’t hesitate to flood your exterior as soon as possible. Deep watering will remove some fertiliser away from the soil to prevent plant burning. You will need to flood the garden with a volume of water that’s equivalent to the fertiliser’s cubic area.


Small mistakes and troublesome pests can play havoc with the beauty and quality of your garden, from pesky weeds to troublesome bugs. Whatever the issue in your garden, you cannot afford to ignore it, as your exterior will pay the price. 

If you take the time to resolve the problem, you could restore your quality of life outdoors and protect your property’s value. It might require time and hard work, but you can trust you will be rewarded for your efforts in the long term.