Top Tips for Bug-Proofing Your Home

Monday 25th Jul 2022 |

With over 91,000 species of insects estimated to live in the United States alone, there’s no wonder that your home becomes a victim to insect infestations. Throughout the year, insects and bugs will enter your property looking for food, water and shelter, causing damage and destruction wherever they go. On top of this, their presence is incredibly annoying and can disturb your day-to-day activities.

To help keep those pesky insects out of your home, we’ve put together our top tips for bug-proofing your home! Continue reading to learn more, and discover how to keep your property insect-free this summer.

Sealing your Home

One of the best ways to prevent an insect infestation is to deny them access to your property in the first place. Insects will take advantage of any cracks, crevices, and openings they can find to make their way into your home.

We recommend taking a good look around your property, both inside and outside, looking for such openings. Depending on the size, you should be able to fill them yourself using basic filler. Window and door screens are also ideal for blocking access while still allowing airflow during those warmer days.

Door sweeps and brushes can also help keep insects out when installed correctly. However, ants and other tiny insects may still be small enough to penetrate your defences. In which case, we highly recommend using insect-specific solutions, such as ant bait traps, designed to eradicate all common ant types.

Keep it Clean

As previously mentioned, insects will enter your home on the hunt for food sources. Failure to clean up after making food and leaving unopened food lying around can entice insects into your home. We recommend keeping your home clean and free of potential food sources to keep the pests out. Plus, make sure to keep stored goods in airtight, glass containers where insects cannot access them.

The same goes for any garbage bags and trash lying around. Ensuring you dispose of your trash correctly removes any chance of insects accessing it, therefore lowering your chances of an insect infestation.

Remove Water Sources

Not all water sources, of course, but there may be some leaks or unessential water features around your property that could be attracting various bugs. Leaking hose pipes and outdoor taps are a common issue for attracting pests, along with bird baths and water fountains.

Removing these or fixing the leaks also removes the insect’s potential water source. As they need water to survive, the insects will move on to another property in order to fulfil their requirements, therefore decreasing your chances of a bug problem in your home.

Professional Insect Control

Sometimes the DIY solutions just aren’t sufficient, and you may need the help of a professional pest controller. Even if it’s just for advice or whether you’re going the whole hog and insect-proofing your entire home, pest controllers are the right people to contact. They know their stuff and can tailor their solutions to your specific problem. Just make sure to use a local, reliable pest control company with the necessary qualifications and licenses.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, your home will never be completely bug-free. However, these tips can help you to bug-proof your property quickly and easily against problem pests.

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