10 Best Places To Visit in Thailand With Kids

Sunday 19th Nov 2023 |

Thailand, a land of vibrant culture, exotic landscapes, and warm hospitality, is a perfect destination for a family vacation. Packed with thrilling adventures, historical wonders, and natural beauty, this Southeast Asian gem has something for every member of the family. Whether you’re exploring the bustling city life of Bangkok, immersing in cultural wonders in Chiang Mai, or enjoying the tropical paradise of Phuket, there’s something for every family member to cherish. Embark on this adventure, create lasting memories, and let Thailand enchant your family with its wonders.

Ayutthaya Historical Park: Ayutthaya Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Thailand, is a mesmerizing testament to the country’s rich history. Located just north of Bangkok, this archaeological wonder transports visitors to the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Siam. The park showcases majestic temples, crumbling stupas, and intricate statues, offering a glimpse into Thailand’s cultural and architectural heritage. Exploring Ayutthaya is like stepping back in time, making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts. For those planning a journey from Delhi, Ayutthaya is a captivating stop that can be seamlessly included in thailand packages from delhi, ensuring a historical and cultural immersion.

Chiang Mai Zoo: Chiang Mai Zoo, nestled in the lush hills of northern Thailand, is a captivating destination for families and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Home to a diverse array of animals, including giant pandas, the zoo offers an immersive experience. Visitors can enjoy interactive shows, feeding sessions, and even have close encounters with some residents. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, Chiang Mai Zoo combines education with entertainment. For those planning a memorable journey from Bangalore, Chiang Mai Zoo is a highlight easily included in thailand tour packages from bangalore, promising an enriching experience amidst the wonders of the animal kingdom.

Dream World Bangkok: Dream World Bangkok is a thrilling escape into a realm of fantasy and adventure. This amusement park, located in the bustling Thai capital, is a haven for families seeking an adrenaline rush. Boasting an array of rides, including roller coasters and water slides, Dream World ensures an action-packed day for visitors of all ages. From heart-pounding rides to enchanting themed areas, Dream World Bangkok promises an unforgettable experience for those seeking joy and excitement in the heart of Thailand’s vibrant capital.

Children’s Discovery Museum, Bangkok: The Children’s Discovery Museum in Bangkok is a haven for young minds, seamlessly blending education and entertainment. Situated in the heart of the city, this interactive museum offers a dynamic learning environment for children. With hands-on exhibits covering science, technology, art, and culture, the museum sparks curiosity and creativity in its young visitors. The emphasis on learning through play makes it an ideal destination for families, fostering a love for exploration and discovery. A visit to the Children’s Discovery Museum in Bangkok ensures that children not only have fun but also gain valuable insights into the world around them.

Siam Ocean World, Bangkok: Siam Ocean World, located beneath the bustling Siam Paragon Mall in Bangkok, is a mesmerizing aquatic wonderland. As one of Southeast Asia’s largest aquariums, it offers a captivating journey into the depths of the ocean. The highlight is the 270-degree tunnel, providing a unique and immersive underwater experience. Beyond the exhibits, Siam Ocean World offers educational programs, interactive shows, and opportunities for hands-on experiences, making it an ideal destination for families seeking both entertainment and a deeper understanding of the oceanic world.

Erawan Museum: The Erawan Museum, located in Samut Prakan, Thailand, is a cultural gem that seamlessly blends art and spirituality. The museum is famed for its iconic three-headed elephant statue, a symbol of Hindu mythology and Southeast Asian artistry. Visitors can explore the intricately decorated interiors that house a vast collection of religious artifacts, antiques, and art pieces. The Erawan Museum’s serene surroundings and the significance of its exhibits offer a tranquil escape into Thailand’s cultural heritage. 

Khao Sok National Park: Khao Sok National Park, a natural wonder nestled in southern Thailand, is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and families seeking adventure. The park features lush jungles, dramatic limestone cliffs, and the stunning Cheow Lan Lake. Families can embark on jungle safaris, spot diverse wildlife, and engage in eco-friendly activities. With its breathtaking landscapes and diverse flora and fauna, Khao Sok National Park provides an unforgettable escape into the heart of Thailand’s pristine wilderness, making it a must-visit destination for nature-loving families.

Thailand’s Floating Markets: Thailand’s floating markets are a vibrant and unique cultural experience, where tradition and commerce come together on the water. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, situated just outside Bangkok, offers a lively spectacle of boats laden with colorful fruits, vegetables, and local delicacies. Navigating through the bustling waterways provides a sensory delight, allowing visitors to sample authentic Thai cuisine and interact with local vendors. This immersive journey into the heart of Thai daily life showcases the country’s rich culinary heritage and is a must-visit for those seeking an authentic and lively experience while exploring the diverse and dynamic markets that grace Thailand’s waterways.

The Bangkok Planetarium: The Bangkok Planetarium, nestled within the Science Center for Education, is a celestial haven for budding astronomers and curious minds. Offering an out-of-this-world experience, this planetarium invites visitors to explore the cosmos through interactive shows and exhibits. Families can embark on a cosmic journey, learning about celestial bodies, space exploration, and the wonders of the universe. The engaging and educational approach of the Bangkok Planetarium makes it an ideal destination for both children and adults. 

Koh Samui: Koh Samui, a tropical gem in the Gulf of Thailand, beckons with its pristine beaches and enchanting landscapes. This island paradise is a perfect destination for families seeking relaxation and adventure. With its palm-fringed shores, vibrant local markets, and a myriad of water sports, Koh Samui caters to diverse interests. Families can unwind on white-sand beaches, explore charming fishing villages, and indulge in thrilling water activities. The laid-back atmosphere of Koh Samui, coupled with its stunning natural beauty, makes it an ideal spot for a serene family getaway.