Zero Waste Beauty; The future of skincare

Friday 12th Mar 2021 |

This year, the world has been turned upside down by the largest global crisis in a generation.

COVID-19 has forced us to stop and reassess the way we live our lives; but as advances in vaccines lead the way towards a more normal way of life, climate-change activists across the globe are hoping that these events will force us to reconsider the future of our planet.

Wherever we turn, we are faced with the reality of how climate change is affecting our planet, for both us and future generations. Whether it’s the amount of plastic we consume, the food we eat or the products we use, making small changes can make a big difference. Consequently, brands are under increasing pressure to prove their dedication to protecting the planet. For some, this is easier than others. 

Founded in 1997, Green People have been proudly ‘planet-friendly’ since the very beginning. Known as the ‘sensitive skin experts’, Green People are pioneers in the organic beauty and skincare market. Brand founder Charlotte Vøhtz joined the Soil Association committee in 1999, with the first standards for organic products launched in 2002. Today, the brand’s eco-friendly range of beauty and grooming products are made with up to 99% naturally nourishing organic ingredients, keeping environmental impact to a minimum. Through organic certification, the soil is protected for future generations and the brand can be certain that ingredients are responsibly sourced through honest and ethical farmers; just one example of Green People’s earth friendly credentials. 

Zero Waste Beauty

Zero Waste Beauty – ONE VISION

Green People’s most recent launch has proved the brands commitment to change. One Balm is a beauty industry first; a multi-tasking skin saviour designed to restore dry, troubled skin all over the body. Even better, it’s is packaged in the UK’s first 100% biodegradable pot. This is zero-waste beauty at its finest

Zero Waste Beauty – ONE SOLUTION

Green People’s One Balm is a multi-purpose balm suitable for all. Formulated with 99% certified organic ingredients, it cocoons skin in a protective layer of replenishing plant actives. Soothing Myrrh works to heal inflammation while regenerating Pomegranate and Rosehip help to repair the skin. Suitable for the whole family, this gender neutral product works on even the most sensitive skin. One Balm has infinite uses; from adding shine and softness to dry lips, shaving and cleansing, softening cuticles or cracked heels to protecting sensitive skin. Certified organic, cruelty-free and eco-friendly, this is a balm that offers a completely natural, zero-waste beauty solution. 

Zero Waste Beauty – ONE PLANET

Green People’s One Balm represents one huge step towards truly sustainable, earth-friendly packaging. Firstly, the box. Made from 25% grass fibre mixed with wood, it is completely biodegradable. Next, the jar and lid. These are crafted from a ‘non-plastic’ plastic; a combination of wood particles in natural plant-derived resin polymers. 100% compostable, it biodegrades to leave behind zero residue. The manufacturing pathway is pure and simple; sawdust is created as a by-product and moulded with a plant polymer to create a 100% biodegradable, plant-based pot. After use, the natural materials are returned to the soil, leaving no microplastics behind. One Balm’s botanic formulation is equally ethical. The sustainably sourced ingredients include a nourishing nectar of skin-soothing Pomegranate, Frankincense and Myrrh. Entirely ethically sourced, the Myrrh is collected by female Himba tribeswomen and fairly traded to support this traditional community.

How to dispose of One Balm degradable packaging

Used all your balm? You can either upcycle the packaging or dispose of it by taking it to an industrial compost collection point or adding it to your general waste. The packaging will gradually decompose, leaving no trace of microplastic behind.

One Balm – £20.00 (30ml)

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