Yummy Gummy Beauty; Lashilé’s Pop Up Beauty Bar

Wednesday 06th Oct 2021 |

John Bell & Croyden launches Lashilé’s first ever pop-up beauty supplement gummy bar 

John Bell & Croyden – the renowned pharmacy emporium in London’s Harley Street Medical Area– is delighted to launch the first ever Lashilé pop-up gummy vitamin bar designed to help people support their wellbeing using delicious products.  


Available throughout October, the vitamin bar has been carefully designed to suit the needs of all customers aged 16 and up. All the gummies are fully natural, vegan and allergen-free. There are six products available to choose from, tailored to support the health and wellbeing of customers. These are:  

  • Lashilé’s Good Skin – The first global anti-aging gummy, Good Skin is designed to boost the radiance of skin, keeping it firm and blemish free. 
  • Lashilé’s Good Sun – The blend of vitamins is carefully designed to support a year round tan, accelerating and prolonging the tanning process.  
  • Lashilé’s Good Hair – This gummy is blended to support long and beautiful hair, accelerating growth while improving hair density and strength.  
  • Lashilé’s Good Diet – Designed to reduce snack cravings, the combination of vitamins and minerals supports natural weight-loss, regulating blood sugar levels.   
  • Lashilé’s Good Clean – A blend of nettle, burdock, zinc, macadamia and grape seed extract, which provides protection against skin blemishes, pimples, acne and microcysts.   
  • Lashilé’s Good Slim – Simulating metabolism by using stored fat, Good Slim helps weight-loss using its carefully designed formula.  

With its focus on luxurious, quality pharmaceutical care, John Bell & Croyden was the ideal choice for Lashilé’s first pharmacy pop-up bar. As an upgrade from the supplements which are taken as pills, the gummies are designed to support health in a way which is pleasant and luxurious. John Bell & Croyden pushes the boundaries of what a pharmacy should be, using technological advances and innovation to provide the best facilities and products for their customers.  

 Johan Adida, co-founder of Lashile said: “John Bell & Croyden was the first British pharmacy to put its trust into Lashilé last year. In January 2021, we were already distributed un over 3,000 pharmacies in France and we are proud to say that our success story has continued in England thanks to John Bell. We are very thankful and proud to offer a unique experience to John Bell’s customers with the first Lashilé gummy bar.”

Alexander Johnston, General Manager at John Bell & Croyden, added:  “We are thrilled to be showcasing Lashilé’s unique take on traditional supplements and we look forward to welcoming customers to try the delicious range of skin and health boosting gummies in October.  Looking after your health has never been so tasty!” 

Lashilé’s pop-up bar will be in place throughout October, with a dedicated Lashilé beauty expert available 3 days a week – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – to offer advice to customers and guide them through the best cures to meet their needs and explore new ways to maintain their health and wellbeing. 

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