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Your Guide to Christmas Food & Wine From Freixenet

Struggling to pair your Christmas food with wine? Freixenet has got you covered.

Here’s everything you need to know about crafting a wine list to match your Christmas dinner, from the experts at Freixenet.

The arrival: Freixenet Cordon Negro Cava was £10.95, currently £7.95

There’s always a toast to be had and our cava is the perfect way to start off the celebrations. One of the most iconic Cavas out there from the world-renowned Freixenet. Cordon Negro is one of Freixenet’s most recognisable wines. Made using the same traditional techniques as Champagne, this superior Cava from Catalonia has an unmistakable flavour. It is clean and crisp and has a fresh palate of apple, ripe pear and bright citrus flavours. There is even an exciting touch of ginger on the finish too! A fizz this good at such great value makes any occasion feel that extra bit special.

The canapes: Freixenet Italian Sparkling Rosé, now available in a Magnum! £25.95

If you have ventured down the aisle of any big supermarket you will see the rows and rows of ready-made Christmas canapes that look delicious. We’ve noticed a rising trend in Asian-style canapes such as duck spring rolls. Our Italian Sparkling Rosé has just enough sweetness and fruitiness to pair perfectly with a lightly spiced canape. Freixenet Italian Rosé is fresh and fruity with the delicate aroma of red fruits and an elegant base of white flowers and apples.

On the palate, the alluring, sweet red fruits blended in perfectly light, effervescent bubbles make this a delightful wine to be enjoyed on its own, or as a refreshing pairing with food. Now available in a showstopping magnum!

The starter: Freixenet Cordon Rosado Cava – was £10.95 now £7.95

Smoked Salmon is the classic Christmas day starter and you want to pair with it a cava that will cut through that oiliness and leave your mouth feeling fresh. Our Cordon Rosado cava has just the right amount of acidity, so you’ll probably end up eating more starter than you should! Cordon Rosado is the pink partner of Freixenet’s iconic Cordon Negro Cava. Made using the same traditional techniques as Champagne, this fresh and fruity pink fizz from Spain has lashings of red fruits, blackberry and strawberry flavours. A fabulous wine for all lovers of things fizzy or pink. There are rich floral and fresh bay leaf aromas from the Garnacha, blending with ripe red fruits, blackberry and strawberry, as well as exotic grenadine, dried figs and dates.

The main course (fish): Freixenet Sauvignon Blanc – was £9.95 now £6.95

This is a versatile Sauvignon Blanc that is a must-try for all fans of crisp and refreshing white wines. Similar in style to a Marlborough Sauvignon, it has plenty of tropical fruit flavours with hints of citrus and freshly cut grass. Dry and with a long finish, this is the perfect wine to have on hand for fish dishes during the festive period.

The main course (turkey or nut roast): Freixenet Chianti D.O.C.G. – was £10.95 now £7.95

Our chianti is full of red berries and warm spices that will make you feel all festive inside. The main course is the only place for this wine as it’ll will go perfectly with your roast and all the trimmings. The new Freixenet Chianti D.O.C.G. hails from the sunny vineyards of Tuscany. This superb red wine is made with traditional Sangiovese grapes and features a delicate wild berry bouquet with lightly spiced notes and violet aromas, offering an elegant finish.

The cheese: Freixenet Italian Rosé – was £10.95 now £7.95

No Christmas day is complete without a board of delicious cheese. We automatically want to pair a red wine with a cheese board but actually a still rosé is perfect, as the creaminess in the rosé with compliment a board of creamy cheeses. Not just for the summer! No still wine collection would be the same without a charming rosé and the Freixenet Italian Rosé is just that. This photogenic rosato is made from Veneto’s classic grape varieties, and has a refreshing, delicate palate of red cherries and strawberries.

The Boxing Day Brunch: Freixenet Prosecco – was £11.95 now £8.45

Limited Edition Gift Pack:£12.95


We know it’s not technically Christmas day, but Boxing Day is very much part of the holidays! A good Boxing Day brunch will cure any holiday blues that begin to kick in, and we suggest a plate stacked high with pancakes and a glass of prosecco on the side. Freixenet Prosecco has a golden straw colour with lively effervescence and fresh aromas of citrus, apple and flowers. Clean and fresh on the palate with tones of ripe lemon, green apple and grapefruit. The finish is light and fresh.

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