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Worth the Weight? PT Reveals How Weightlifting Can Help You Live 20% Longer

Monday 16th Oct 2023 |

A recent study has finally revealed the answer to the age-old question “How can I live longer”. Spoiler alert, it isn’t invasive, and it isn’t going to cost you, it’s as simple as this: weightlifting.

Combining 16 studies and data from over 1.5 million subjects, new data from The Washington Post showed that those who practiced muscle strengthening activities were associated with almost a 20% lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, lung cancer, which can of course all cause mortality.

Tim Harris, a personal trainer and fitness expert at Goldster, a platform dedicated to promoting healthy aging shares his insights on weight training:

“Resistance Training to many people has connotations of young people especially models and actors, but the science behind it is much more for everybody. The more we Resistance Train the more efficient we get at dealing with fat in the body – the glucose levels in our bodies are regulated by how efficient our muscles are. Without efficient use of our muscles our glucose levels tend to be too low or too high, which can lead to things like Type 2 Diabetes.”

“Resistance Training can help prevent conditions such as Osteoporosis and protect your bones if you already have it. The stronger our muscles are the stronger our bones have to become to support our denser muscle mass which helps aid against Osteoporosis. At the very least our skeletons need body armour which is our muscles. If you have weak muscles the less your joints and bones are protected. Resistance Training is more body armour, so if you fall you are more protected.”

“I recommend doing Resistance Training two to four times a week. You will see benefits in a month and a half.” You don’t need any specialist equipment – one or two, two litre bottles of water will do, or you can invest in dumbbells – firstly one set of three kg for beginners then two, three and five kgs if you’re more serious about it. 

“You can go on a walk holding the dumbbells, a casual brisk walk-through countryside holding dumbbells is very beneficial.” 

“The idea of Resistance Training might be quite scary and make you think of bodybuilders. However, the more you practice it the better you become at it. Ultimately humans are designed to be strong. And the proven benefits are nothing short of impressive.”

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