World Cocktail Day; ANDREY BARTLETT

Thursday 13th May 2021 |

Andrey has been working in hospitality for more than three years now. During this time he has worked for both large high volume bars and smaller venues with a focus on innovative signature drinks.

In addition, Andrey has competed in multiple competitions and will be battling it out in the World Class Top 100 competition this year. 

Favourite cocktail: It’s hard to pick one as it depends on the occasion really. For longer evenings I would go for a mezcal negroni or a mezcal old fashioned. If I’m looking for a refreshing pick-me-up I would choose a 20th century cocktail. On any other occasion I always love a good highball.

Favourite spirit: I do love a good cognac, but also can’t resist a delicious agave spirit.

World cocktail day – Top Tips For Cocktail Perfection:

  • Follow the rule of 3 – Sweet, Sour, Bitter! That’s always a good balancing formula for a cocktail.
  • Good quality ice!!! Really important.
  • Don’t go too heavy on the alcohol, 50-60ml per drink is a good measure, more will unbalance the drink.


The Tippling House is a late night bar with carefully curated modern cocktail menus and bar staff that are always happy to come up with something specially for the guest to ensure they have a good time. Founded in 2012, the subterranean venue charms with an Italo-style décor, cosy booths and tweed  fabric. Bartenders are passionate, knowledgeable, friendly and attentive with plenty of thought put into the menu and product selection. 

Proud to overthink every detail of their drinks list, they offer single cask and independently-bottled whiskies, contemporary gins and wines sourced from forgotten grapes and unsung regions.

World cocktail day – HERON TAKES FLIGHT

world cocktail day


  • 30ml Hernö Gin
  • 20ml White Heron British Framboise 
  • 5ml Raspberry Vinegar 
  • 150ml “Sonic” (100ml Mediterranean tonic + 50ml soda water)
  • Garnish: Lemon twist
  • Ice: Cubed


Build all ingredients in the glass and combine with a bar spoon. Express oils from the lemon peel and drop it in the glass.

Glass Wine glass

World cocktail day – – FROM BANGKOK WITH LOVE

world cocktail day


  • 50ml Kaffir Lime Leaf Infused Hernö Gin (Infuse 200 ml of Herno Gin with 4 cut up 
  • Keffir lime leaves for 4 hours, strain)
  • 10ml White Heron British Framboise 
  • 70ml Pineapple Juice
  • 5ml Agave Syrup

Garnish: Kaffir lime

Ice: No ice


Combine all ingredients apart from the Framboise in a blender with 3 ice cubes. Blend for 10 seconds, strain in a glass, float the framboise using a spoon.

Glass Rocks

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