Working From Home? Here’s 5 Ways To Give Your Hair a Little TLC When You Can’t Get To The Salon…

Monday 08th Jun 2020 |

From Hannah Munford, Advanced Stylist + Colourist at MAYFIVE Hair

With many of us working from home, self isolating, or social distancing, now is a great time to give yourself a pamper and your hair some TLC, especially if you can’t get to the salon for your usual treatments.
Kick start you day by washing your hair with shampoo and then towel dry it and work through a treatment or mask, or even your favourite nourishing conditioner. Next, gently clip or wrap up your hair leaving the treatment in for a few hours, whilst you get on with your day, whether that’s at your desk or a day on the sofa.  Rinse in your lunch break or at the end of the day (the longer the better!) for silky smooth, well conditioned hair. 

If you are someone who washes their hair every day, this is your chance to give your hair a break!  Washing your hair too frequently can dry it out as it needs it’s natural oils – also this usually means you’re using heat on it every day which can cause damage. Instead use a scrunchie or invisibobble which is much gentler on your hair than a usual hair band, and try and leave it a couple of days in between washes, this could be your chance to change your routine. Give yourself a break from the heat.

If you are someone who uses a lot of heat on their hair, like hair dryers, straighteners or tongs, let your hair dry naturally instead or loosely plait it for waves the next day. Your hair will thank you for it! If you wear your hair up every day for work try leaving it down and giving your scalp and hair a break from the friction and tension.

Wearing your hair up can cause breakage in certain areas as well as tension alopecia especially tight pony tails and buns when using the wrong hair bands.Whilst you’re at home you could experiment with different hair bands, hair accessories and head scarves and play around with different methods of styling your hair which you can debut when you’re back to work!

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