Why Your Lash Serum Is Giving You Dark Circles

Why Your Lash Serum Is Giving You Dark Circles

Tuesday 28th Nov 2023 |

From falsies to the endless mascaras we keep on rotation – the nation is obsessed with lengthening lashes.

So, when lash serums came to the market, there was no denying their power to grow long, fluttery lashes with oodles of oomph in a matter of weeks. But not all lash serums are created equally – apply the wrong formula and you could end up with redness, irritation or even undereye discolouration…

We asked Skin Expert and Founder of freezeframe, Sonia Amoroso, for her take on why certain lash serums can cause undereye discolouration. Sonia says: “Lash enhancing serums work wonders for revitalising and fortifying our natural lashes to prevent breakage or lash fallout. However, some lash serums can stimulate pigment production, causing a dark line to appear on the skin above the lash line, which can be a side effect of using these products.”

If you’re experiencing dark circles or discolouration around the eye as a result of regularly using a lash serum, it’s likely that prostaglandin analogues (PGAs) are the culprit. Whilst prostaglandins promote the growth and health of lashes, it can lead to hyperpigmentation, irritation, and even fat loss around the eye, contributing to the appearance of sunken eyes, which can be very ageing and stressful for anyone who experiences this. It can also change the colour of your eyes, turning light eyes dark!

There’s no need to worry about using a lash serum though as long as the formula contains ingredients such as peptides or antioxidants. I recommend sticking to a lash serum which doesn’t contain prostaglandin analogues (PGA’s) such as the freezeframe Lash Prescription which can be applied directly to the lash line and is clinically proven to increase your natural lash appearance by over 42% in just 2 weeks and up to 72% longer in 6 weeks.”

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  • Clinically proven to increase lash growth by over 46% in 2 weeks
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“This product is so easy to use and I noticed a difference withing around 2 weeks of using it. My lashes are much fuller! Love it!!” – Kristen, freezeframe customer

“Not really a believer of lash serums, but I’m all in on this one now. Been using it for over a month now & can see the growth & difference. Amazing” – Wendy, freezeframe customer