Why it pays to switch to photovoltaics

Tuesday 16th Apr 2024 |

In 2023, the photovoltaic industry could close with 270 GW of new DC connections worldwide, 33% more than last year! Installing a photovoltaic system on your roof will save you money on your electricity bill and protect the environment. These are just two main reasons many people turn to this world. But they are not the only ones. Alongside these reasons, which can be considered the most intuitive, there are others.

Besides, you are also opting for a sustainable and green way to run your house and your life—things that you probably already do for your food and health (find out how CBD oil helps fight stress naturally here).

By reading this guide, you will discover why it is worth switching to a photovoltaic system. It will give you an overall idea of why solar is a serious choice. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Photovoltaics does not pollute.

Photovoltaic systems do not produce chemical pollution because they do not emit waste or emissions. Furthermore, they do not produce noise pollution because they do not emit any noise when in operation. Nor do they produce thermal pollution because they reach a maximum temperature of 60°C during the hottest periods.

But to ensure that your photovoltaic panels do not pollute, you must also ensure that the production of the solar modules is environmentally friendly and uses the best and least polluting materials, taking into account their disposal once the system has reached the end of its life.

Photovoltaics produce no CO2 emissions and thus prevent global warming.

Carbon dioxide is certainly one of the leading gases responsible for the greenhouse effect and, thus, climate change. Its increasing presence in the atmosphere can be linked to global warming. In this respect, the photovoltaic system is an immaculate energy production device that uses a safe and inexhaustible renewable source: the sun.

Photovoltaics saves on energy bills

If you plan to install a photovoltaic system on your roof, you should know that thanks to photovoltaic solar panels, you can enjoy savings on your electricity bill. Thanks to a solar system, you can use the energy produced by the photovoltaic modules immediately on site and thus make use of it for your own consumption.

But how much can you save with a photovoltaic system? Calculating this is very simple: multiply the price per kWh your supplier charges by the amount of energy used for self-consumption.

  • An example? Let’s take the case of a 3 kW photovoltaic system in the province of Milan with optimal exposure conditions and assume that the user self-consumes 1000 kWh per year. Considering the average bill cost of about 0.2 €/kWh, this will save 1000 kWh * 0.2 €/kWh = 200€. Considering the average lifespan of a photovoltaic system (35 years), we can say that switching to solar with a photovoltaic system would save us around 7,000€ in utility bills.

In addition, to maximise the benefits, it is essential to focus on one’s consumption habits: the more one consumes during sunny hours, the more one will save on the bill.

Photovoltaics uses an inexhaustible resource

As we have already mentioned in our article on solar energy, the sun’s energy is inexhaustible, as opposed to non-renewable energy sources such as oil, natural gas and coal, which, on the other hand, are limited, polluting and particularly expensive. Therefore, solar energy and the choice to install a photovoltaic system are the solutions for all those who want to save money and protect the environment.

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