Who is Jerry Lorenzo? The Founder of Fear of God 

Thursday 30th May 2024 |

Jerry Lorenzo is a renowned fashion designer and the brain behind Fear of God’s clothing brand.

Inspired by his strong faith, Jerry founded the Fear of God clothing brand in 2013. His deep religious background led to the birth of Fear of God, a luxury streetwear label. 

Despite a lack of formal fashion training,  Jerry’s fear of God’s fashion brand has become a force to reckon with in the world of streetwear. Fear of God’s fashion label has revolutionised streetwear through its premium quality fabric, muted colorways, and luxurious outlook. 

 Unlike many other fashion designers who have a background in fashion, Lorenzo is a self-made fashion designer with a background in promotion and retail.The fear of God’s founder has positioned himself as a creative innovator with exceptional apparel design ideas.This has propelled Fear of God’s clothing collections to greater heights in the luxury fashion industry. 

Studies now indicate that the fear of God’s revenue could surpass $1bn in 2024. With Essentials poised to overtake the main clothing label in revenue, Fear of God is likely to cement its presence in the streetwear market. 

Fear of God’s success is pegged on Jerry Lorenzo’s unique approach to streetwear fashion.This has not only shaped the casualwear industry but also captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts looking for a distinctive, comfortable, stylish, and luxurious outfit. 

So who is Jerry Lorenzo? Here is what you need to know about Fear of God’s luxury streetwear founder. 

Jerry  Lorenzo’s  Background 

Born in Sacramento, California, USA  on October  5th,1977, Jerry Lorenzo is an American-based fashion designer. Despite a lack of familiarity with streetwear, he founded the Fear of God clothing label in 2011. 

One of Jerry’s key milestones is an opportunity  he was offered  by Justine Bieber to create custom outfits to be won on stage during the Purpose world tour. Additionally, Lorenzo also designed the tour merchandise that was used throughout the shows. 

This acted as a springboard to his successful design career because it gave him the necessary publicity. In 2018, Lorenzo added Essentials to its clothing collection.A sister to Fear of God’s clothing label, Essentials has grown to become a major player in the apparel industry. 

Jerry Lorenzo’s  Influences 

Fear of God’s streetwear founder draws inspiration from various artists among them Kanye West, Kurt Cobain, and athlete Allen Iverson. Lorenzo’s design elements drawn from Cabain were applied to merchandise created for use by Justine Bieber during his Purpose tour.  

Some of the aesthetics borrowed from Cabain include denim, flannel overshirts, and graphic t-shirts. Lorenzo’s design is also influenced by fashion designer Rick Owens.He was inspired by the designer’s creative approach of transforming basketball sneakers into luxury  shoes. 

Jerry  Lorenzo’s minimalistic and luxurious approach to design is amplified through its range of clothing collections. This forms the basis for all its clothing designs.The concept is influenced by Rick Owens’s fashion ideas that blend different approaches to create unique designs. 

Another key influence in Lorenzo’s fashion designs is prior knowledge of basketball and its History.This concept is widely replicated in its brand including its seventh collection that targeted  Negro Leagues. 

Jerry Lorenzo’s  Collaborations 

One of the key milestones that further propelled Fear of God’s clothing collection to fame is collaborations. Fear of God gained traction following Big Sean’s love for  Fear of God’s long t-shirts. He loved the T-shirt and ordered more pieces. This further catapulted fear of God to greater heights in the world of fashion. 

Following Big Sean’s love for Fear of God’s extra-long t-shirt pieces, Kanye West joined the bandwagon thus opening more growth opportunities. Later Lorenzo and Kanye West struck a working relationship that saw Fear of God achieve enormous fame within a short time. 

Collaboration between Lorenzo’s  Fear of God and  Nike in 2018 gave birth to  Air Fear of God 1 silhouette.This followed a partnership with Vans in 2017 which saw the brand’s Era 95 shoe brand transformed. These collaborations played a significant role in Fear of God’s  success  across its collections. 

 Jerry Lorenzo’s  Key Milestones 

After  Fear of God’s success in the apparel industry, Lorenzo introduced  Essentials, a sister brand to Fear of God in 2018. Lorenzo launched Essentials to offer an affordable alternative to branded fashion. 

While  Lorenzo introduced  Essentials in the fashion market to improve access to premium streetwear , it has penetrated the market and overtaken the main fashion label. This follows its unique designs and comfortable fabric that features cutting edge pieces. 

The success of Essentials in the fashion industry was further fuelled by endorsements from notable celebrities among them  Kanye West, Gigi Hadid, Virgil Abloh, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber.This has largely contributed to its success in the apparel industry. Today, Essentials has emerged as a favorite streetwear alternative to Fear of God. The apparel is not only fairly priced but also features unique designs that fit the needs of every wearer. 

Lorenzo’s  Creative Design Concept 

Lorenzo’s creative fashion  ideas are  reflected through its  eye catching pieces. Inspired by faith and personal style, Lorenzo’s approach to design has been a major influence in fear of God’s design philosophy. 

One of the key approaches that has made Fear of God pieces popular is the distinct reflection of  American expression.This has played a key role in the brand’s transition to contemporary fashion. The meticulously crafted clothing pieces make Fear of God’s clothing label captivating to every wearer irrespective of the occasion. 

Lorenzo’s Brand Diversification 

To align with trends and needs in the apparel market, Fear of God’s founder Jerry Lorenzo has embraced diversification. Key among the top sister clothing labels is Essentials. Since the clothing label was launched in 2018,it has garnered support from notable celebrities thereby propelling the clothing label  to greater heights. 

Today, Essentials controls a considerable market segment not only in the US but also UK and other parts of the world. While Lorenzo has introduced multiple clothing collections targeting different customers, Essentials seems to have gained traction due to its minimalistic and comfortable designs. 

Despite being a top brand in the streetwear market, Essentials cuts across different social circles.The clothing label is not only affordable but also features unique and premium pieces. This explains why despite being launched recently, Essentials commands a considerable market segment in the apparel market. 

Driven by a desire to reach out to more customers, Lorenzo’s diversification concept has played a key role in its success across the world. Today, Essentials is one of the most sought-after streetwear apparel not only in the UK but also in many other parts of the world. 


Jerry Lorenzo’s fashion trend has left a mark in the world of fashion. His innovative fashion ideas and attention to detail are reflected across his clothing labels. Lorenzo’s entry into the streetwear market has played a significant role in redefining streetwear fashion. 

Combining style, trendy designs, and comfort makes Fear of God’s clothing brand one of a kind in the world of fashion. With diversification at play, Lorenzo’s fashion ideas not only impress but also break fashion boundaries. 

Collaboration with notable brands like Vans and  Nike further redefined fear of God’s success in streetwear fashion. This  has not only played a significant role in improving its popularity but also captured the attention of many fashion lovers.  

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