planning for a holiday

What to Consider when Planning a Holiday

Monday 30th Oct 2023 |

Getting the most from your holiday tends to mean doing a little bit of planning in advance. Forming the right plan means optimising your spending, getting the best from all of the activities you do, and being inspired by a few pictures from websites and brochures.

The excitement of planning a holiday

As you’re planning a holiday, it’s natural to get excited about it. You’re thinking about what you’ll be doing, after all.

But that excitement shouldn’t stand in the way of your actually getting the necessary planning done. Start by making sure that you actually have a right to leave the country. Your passport should be in date, and ideally have more than six months left to run when you depart. Many countries won’t let you in if it doesn’t.

Choosing where to go is only the start

Once you’ve picked out a suitable destination, you’ll have a few choices to make. Are you going to opt for the simplicity of a package deal, or are you going to book everything – including flights and accommodation – separately? The former option will tend to minimise stress and time spent on planning, while the latter will afford you greater scope for tailoring the experience.

Don’t forget the extras

It’s easy to remember to book flights and accommodation. These are the fundamental components of any trip, and they’re usually the first things to spring to mind. But there are other important considerations which are a little bit easier to neglect.

How will you be reaching the airport? If you’re driving, then you’ll need a space to park. If you’re catching a train, it’s a good idea to book tickets in advance. Provided you’re returning within the month, an anytime return ticket is an excellent option. You’ll get a little bit of flexibility, while keeping your costs down.

You’ll want to make sure that you have the appropriate insurance. If you don’t, then you’re risking a sizeable medical bill if you should need medical care overseas. Disaster can strike at any moment – so protect yourself, and enjoy the resulting peace of mind.

Your luggage might cause you problems. If the suitcase is oversized, overweight, or at risk of falling to bits if mishandled, then you might find yourself delayed, or made to pay extra, at the airport – or stranded in a foreign country without any luggage at all.

In some cases, you’ll need extra travel documents. Do your research, check the requirements of the countries you’re travelling to, an get your visas sorted long before you travel.

Finally, it’s worth thinking about spending money. Either draw out your cash in advance, or look for a bank card that isn’t going to incur charges if used abroad.