What Brits miss most about summer holidays

Monday 07th Jun 2021 |

The breakfast buffet, the heat when stepping off the plane and the smell of suncream have been revealed as some of the things Brits miss most about a summer holiday. 

The team at My Baggage asked their customers what they have missed most about travelling abroad for a holiday, and what they are most looking forward to once travel restrictions ease. 

Going on holiday and travelling creates some of our most unforgettable, favourite memories, and right now people are missing those experiences more than ever.

A cold beverage by the pool, buying random flavours of Lays crisps and swimming in the sea for the first time also featured as some of Brits’ most missed holiday experiences. 

summer holidays

In the list compiled by My Baggage, there are some obvious holiday experiences, but also some more obscure ones, like just standing on a balcony early evening at sunset with a drink, and even just listening to the sounds of your destination.

With COVID-19 making international trips more challenging, according to the Hilton, almost three quarters (71%) of Brits said the pandemic had made them more appreciative of the importance of travel and the life-long memories created as a result. 

This prompted My Baggage to ask some of their customers what moments they miss most. 

A spokesperson for My Baggage says “Going on holiday is a great way to relax, experience new things and spend some quality time with loved ones. However, for many Brits this past year or two, visiting a new country on holiday has proved difficult due to COVID travel restrictions. 

“There’s no doubt that people have missed going abroad over the last year. Going on holiday offers Brits the opportunity to step out of the daily grind and immerse themselves in a new culture, and make new memories. 

“I’m sure we can all relate to the majority of the missed summer holidays experiences on this list. Some of the things we miss about travel are blindingly obvious, but others creep up more unexpectedly like trying to secure the sun lounger by the pool.”

summer holidays

My Baggage has revealed some of those special holiday moments we can’t wait to experience again:

  • The first wave of heat when you step off the plane
  • The breakfast buffet and toast making machine
  • The freedom to go wherever you want and no need to check the time
  • The smell of suncream
  • Visiting an attraction and going on excursions
  • Spending quality time with loved ones
  • The excitement of exploring a new place
  • Doing the first food shop in a local supermarket
  • Listening to the sounds of a different place (e.g. waves, birdsong, silence, etc.)
  • Swimming in the warm sea
  • The mental break from everyday life and not thinking about work
  • Jumping in the swimming pool
  • Experiencing in a new culture and trying new food
  • Making memories with loved ones
  • The morning race to secure the all-important sun lounger
  • Getting ready for the evening meal and eating Pringles in the hotel room after a long day in the sun
  • Buying random flavours of Lays crisps 
  • Playing cards and having a drink on the hotel room balcony
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