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What Are The Most Attractive National Parks In Europe?

Tuesday 05th Jul 2022 |

If you love nature, lakes, forests, flora, and fauna, you can discover several beautiful national parks when you visit Europe.

You can relax in the best parks away from the crowds in big cities. The continent boasts spectacular scenery and other natural features that are perfect for outdoor adventure. Read on to find out the most attractive national parks in Europe.

Lake District National Park

Lake District National Park is located in England’s northwest region. It is the largest in England consisting of an area of 2,362 square kilometers, and the second-largest in the UK. The park receives more than 16 million visitors annually which makes it the most popular. Other tourist attractions found in the park include forests, lakes, and mountains. There are more than 150 mountains and 16 lakes in Lake District Park. You can drive around the area which is perfect for photography. 

Ecrins National Park

national parksEcrins National park is located in France, and it is the best place for climbers, hikers, and nature lovers. This park is very big and it consists of about 60 lakes and 100 mountain peaks. Hikers can enjoy more than 700km trails of hiking in summer. In winter, the national park is known for its 776km of ski slopes. You can also discover more about Europe through the Global Alliance of National Parks and learn why different places are protected. If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest, just choose a park within the region, and you will discover new things. 

Kalkalpen National Park 

Kalkalpen National Park This park is located in Austria in the northern limestone Alps. It covers an area of about 208 square kilometers. The park consists of the largest forested area in Europe and offers various breathtaking landscapes. The park has two mountain ranges which include Reichraminger Hintergebirege and Sengsengebirge. It consists of more than 200km of streams and forests which makes it a haven for wildlife. 

Goreme National Park

Goreme National Park is in Turkey, and it consists of amazing rock formations that make it stand out from other places. The extraordinary rocks also known as the “fairy chimneys” define the park. The Rock Sites of Cappadocia provide a cultural heritage that was created by the inhabitants of Goreme during the third century. You can also enjoy a hot air balloon ride to catch a glimpse of the hills, plains, valleys, streams, and fairy chimneys in the vast park. 

Wild Taiga

The Wild Taiga National Park is located in Finland, and it consists of a natural wilderness that has never been disturbed by humans. It is ideal for scenic viewing and photography. You can also see different types of animals in this park such as the brown bear, forest deer, wolverine and wolves, elk, beavers, flying squirrel, and a variety of predatory birds.

If you love nature, Europe is home to a variety of national parks with amazing attractions. You can also perform different activities like hiking, sightseeing, skiing, and photography. When you plan your trip to Europe, make sure to visit these national parks and make your adventure memorable.  

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