Wellness city break

Wellness weekends: city break locations to help banish the winter blues

Friday 17th Nov 2023 |

As Britons come to terms with less daylight and colder weather experts have named the eight best UK locations to take a winter wellness city break.

Travel experts at StressFreeCarRental.com identified eight of the best spots in the UK for a de-stressing weekend break using a variety of ranking factors.

With thousands of us bracing ourselves for the effects of SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder) at this time of year many will be hoping a well timed weekend break could give them the boost they need to get through the season unscathed.

Being close to nature was one of the main ranking factors along with access to amenities such as spas, coffee shops and quirky independent restaurants and stores.

While the weather and the length of daylight hours are out of everyone’s control the experts believe taking time out for ourselves can help improve mood and banish the winter blues.

John Charnock, CEO of StressFreeCarRental.com said: “As the nights draw in and the temperatures plummet it’s inevitable that many of us start to feel a little down at this time of year.

“But by taking some time out for ourselves it can be possible to banish the winter blues and give ourselves a much needed boost to help us pull through the winter and come up smiling in Springtime.

“In the UK we are blessed with some incredible locations to indulge in winter relaxation and spend some quality me-time.

“We have looked at the best locations for a winter wellness city break taking into account factors such as the number of luxury hotels, access to nature and number of independent coffee shops and restaurants.

“We think our eight suggestions are an ideal starting point for anyone seeking to take some time out of the daily grind and escape the pressures of modern life for a few days.”

Here are StressFreeCarRental.com’s eight wellness weekend suggestions:

  1. Norwich

The only UK city which sits within a national park. The picturesque Broads National Park has miles and miles of footpaths for visitors to truly feel at one with nature and help to keep active. Norwich is a great city to connect with the outdoors and practice ecotherapy.

  1. Brighton

Sitting on the south coast Brighton is packed full of quirky, independent bars, shops and restaurants – a great destination to prioritise quality time with loved ones. Spend time having a laugh at the arcade on the pier with your friends, before clearing your mind with a beachside walk breathing in the crisp sea air.

  1. Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland is packed full of luxury hotels to promote a perfect night’s sleep. Edinburgh is also a literary capital with plenty of libraries and beautiful independent bookshops to spend time browsing all kinds of books – and sit down to relax with one at the Elephant House Cafe where much of the Harry Potter series was written.

  1. Exeter

Boasting an array of coffee shops, comedy clubs, museums, shops, parks and restaurants, Exeter is a great city to explore on a solo date. Devon’s capital is a great city to spend ‘me-time’ with plenty of things to do.

  1. Bath

Bath has long been a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is known for its stunning architecture and culture. A spa city, Bath is a charming destination to embrace holistic wellness by taking a trip to the famous hot spring waters at the Thermae Bath Spa.

  1. Manchester

A cultural hotspot often dubbed the music capital of the UK, Manchester has produced a host of famous bands, including Oasis, The Stone Roses, Take That and The Smiths. But the city has lots more to offer including some of the best independent restaurants in the UK.

  1. Bristol

Bristol has long been associated with good food – and has regularly been named one of the best cities in the country for vegans. A well-balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, vitamins and minerals will help keep your brain healthy and keep your mood regulated. Head to Bristol to taste all the wonderful flavours of vegetarian and vegan foods the restaurants and food stalls have to offer.

  1. Oxford

Famed for its university, Oxford is a beautiful place to wander around and get lost in the history and culture of the city. Oxford is ideal for exploring on foot as there are many walking routes in and around the centre. Hire a boat, pedalo or a traditional punt to spend some time relaxing on the water and immersing yourself in nature.

To find out more about destinations to visit across the UK and abroad, head over to https://www.stressfreecarrental.com/.