Ways You Can Stay Safe at the Gym

Wednesday 14th Apr 2021 |

Gyms were one of the first businesses to close down at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, that was a relief. Now they wouldn’t have to feel guilty about skipping a workout session. However, for many the hour spent working out was what kept them in shape.

As the country slowly reopens, and gyms reopen with group exercise resuming from next month, many will be wondering how they can do this whilst ensuring they are safe at the same time. We have caught up with Buz Roberts, Owner of F45 Ealing who has offered expert advice and tips to ensure you are safe when heading back to the gym. 

Buz Roberts, Co-Owner of F45 Ealing says: 

Ways You Can Stay Safe at the Gym – Make Yourself Aware Of The Protocols In Place:

Before attending a group workout class, I would advise looking into what protocols the gym will be introducing. Not only will this help you to feel more comfortable, but it will also ensure that you know what to expect. 

For instance, will you be asked to sanitise upon arrival? Will social distancing measures be properly in place? Will you have access to showers or toilets? At F45, we are reducing the risk by prohibiting access to the showers, so it is important that you check these things and know what to expect before attending a class.

Ways You Can Stay Safe at the Gym – Make Sure You Have Booked In Advance:

Prior to attending any workout class, it is important that you ensure you have booked beforehand, rather than just turning up, as class sizes will inevitably be smaller than before. 

staying safe at the gym

Ways You Can Stay Safe at the Gym – Come Prepared:

It is important that you are well prepared before heading to the gym and try to arrive and leave in your gym kit, if possible, so that you do not need to use the changing rooms. At F45 Ealing, we are asking members to ensure they bring their own towel and full water bottle. If they do not have a towel, there is the option to buy one at reception. It is also a good idea to bring your own workout gloves to the session, which will be particularly useful when picking up any equipment. 

Ways You Can Stay Safe at the Gym – Avoid Unnecessary Risks:

During these times, it is important to be conscious and aware of your surroundings – ensuring that you are not touching anything that could be a risk, especially if it is not necessary. At F45 Ealing, we ask that members wait outside for our team to let them in to the studio, and use the contactless check-in and check-out system, to ensure that they are keeping to the social distancing rules. 

We have also implemented a new F45 Circuit workout solution. This has been created as a non-shared equipment solution for in-studio workouts to comply with the strict reopening guidelines. This programming will use the majority of equipment packs, but members will be assigned to a fixed station for the entire workout to help maintain social distancing and eliminate person-to-person contact, and no sharing of equipment.

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