Waterless Beauty from the Green People

Wednesday 28th Jul 2021 |

As we all strive to make more sustainable, eco-friendly decisions in our daily lives, industry insiders and skincare devotees alike are all exploring ways to innovate their beauty routines.

Thanks to the rise of clean beauty, cosmetics are more at scrutiny than ever with people seeking healthier alternatives to water-based products.

As one of the most common ingredients found in beauty products, water is often used as a solvent or to improve product consistency in everything from cleansers to fragrances. Water creates a softer, more spreadable texture to counter heavier butters and balms, however it is also used as an inexpensive ‘filler’ ingredient. Unfortunately, where there’s water, bacteria will breed, meaning water-rich products require the addition of anti-bacterial preservatives. Because water evaporates, it can leave skin and hair feeling dry, while the added synthetic ingredients can result in irritation and inflammation.

Water-based products are also far from eco-friendly. The beauty industry has been a key contributor to the reported 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic on the planet, thanks to overly packaged products that are hard or impossible to recycle. When water is added as a filler ingredient, the product is less effective and thus consumed quicker. The more consumption, the more packaging, the more pollution. The idea of ‘waterless beauty’ originated in South Korea and gained global popularity throughout 2015. From cleansing balms to concentrated oils and pressed serums, waterless beauty can come in a variety of forms. Today, ‘waterless beauty’ represents a global desire for clean, non-toxic, sustainable formulas.

Organic beauty pioneers, Green People are innovators in their field and have long been supporters of the waterless beauty movement. Combining the power of plants with science, Green People are dedicated to producing highly-effective yet sustainable beauty and body care products. From the UK’s first multi-purpose beauty balm in 100% biodegradable packaging to a waterless facial oil, the Green People range proves that effective formulas needn’t sacrifice the longevity of our planet.

Waterless Beauty

Waterless Beauty – One Balm – £20.00 (30ml

Cocoon skin in a protective layer of replenishing plant actives with the multi-tasking One Balm, formulated with 99% certified organic ingredients. Designed to restore dry, troubled skin all over the body, from lips and hands to elbows and heels, this waterless formula harnesses the regenerating power of Pomegranate and Rosehip. Green People are proud to have produced the UK’s first 100% biodegradable pot for this multi-tasking skin saviour.

Waterless Beauty – Pure Luxe Body Oil – £27.00 (50ml)

Unlock the secret to an unrivalled glow with this skin-perfecting organic body oil. Packaged in eco-friendly glass packaging, this waterless formula is enriched with 23 beauty-enhancing actives for radiant skin including smoothing Neroli and nourishing Pomegranate Oil. Locking in moisture with every application, a little goes a long way with this highly concentrated formula. The Pure Luxe Body Oil is part of the Age Defy+ by Cha Vøhtzsignature range, tailored for women aged 35+.

Waterless Beauty – Nordic Roots Marine Facial Oil- £28.00 (28ml)

This collagen-boosting, organic facial oil locks hydration into the skin and controls pigmentation. Unscented and rich in Vitamin E, the Nordic Roots Marine Facial Oil is ideal for all skin types including the most sensitive complexions. Atlantic Seaweed boosts collagen supplies to firm skin and blur fine lines while Hop Flowers create a more even skin tone. This waterless formula is housed in eco-friendly recyclable glass packaging.

As well as using cold-pressed oils in their formulas, Green People incorporate freeze-dried Aloe Vera into their formulas, resulting in a product that has a shelf life of up to five years, without the need for added preservatives. Equally, 1kg of freeze-dried aloe Vera is the equivalent to 200kg of fresh leaf juice. By reducing the volume of the product that needs to be transported, less energy is used.

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