Vaping: A Brief Guide to E-Liquids

Tuesday 28th Sep 2021 |

If you are considering taking up vaping, you may be overwhelmed by all the different elements. After you have bought your first kit, you need to buy an e-liquid.

When looking for an e-liquid for the first time, the terminology can be confusing, and there is so much choice it can be hard to know where to start. Read on for a brief guide to e-liquids to help any novice on their path to choosing the right e-liquid.  

A Brief Guide to E-Liquids – What Goes into an E-Liquid? 

E-liquids are always comprised of three ingredients, although a fourth is optional. Firstly, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavouring and nicotine if you desire it. Each ingredient is important to the vaping experience. Propylene glycol is an odourless liquid designed to carry the flavour of your vape juice; it also provides the throat hit that users expect to feel. It is quite thin and easy to vaporise. Vegetable glycerine smoothens the inhale and is there to help with vapour production. The flavouring can vary massively, and it depends on personal preference. For most people, it’s what makes the vaping experience more enjoyable. Lastly, nicotine, it is completely optional, with some users choosing to forego it as an ingredient altogether. Nicotine is the addictive substance found in cigarettes, and so most people who use e-cigarettes as a way to help them quit smoking want the nicotine.  

A Brief Guide to E-Liquids – Choosing the Nicotine Strength 

If you opt for nicotine, it is important to understand the different strengths and who they are better suited for. For most people who are going into vaping without any prior predilection for cigarettes, nicotine is not necessary. However, a lower nicotine option is recommended for those who used to smoke socially – either once or twice a week. Something like 3mg is usually enough to satiate. Light smokers who indulge in under ten cigarettes a day should go for around 6mg, which is still considered to be on the lower side but still provides a bit of buzz. Average smokers who are up to twenty a day should consider 12mg; it is an ideal place to start and provides enough nicotine to subsidise your cravings. Finally, it is the maximum strength for heavy smokers, which is often 18mg, although 24mg can be found in some retailers.  

A Brief Guide to E-Liquids – Choosing the Flavour 

Your choice in flavour is all about your personal preference, and the choices are huge. Traditionally most vapers would begin with tobacco or menthol flavoured liquids because as they were trying to wean themselves off of cigarettes, these flavours were familiar and comforting. However, as the hobby became more people and more people began to vape without a background in cigarette smoking, there was a growing need for a more diverse range of flavours. In terms of finding a flavour that you like, the best thing you can do is buy smaller bottles to sample different flavours without wasting money on bigger bottles of things that you might end up not liking. Once you find an e-liquid flavour that you like, you can order bigger bottles. JM Wholesale Limited is an online retailer with a huge collection of vaping accessories from kits to tanks and mods and a truly vast selection of juices. You will find something that you like in their collection of wholesale e-liquids


Whilst the basics are covered above, there are a few commonly asked questions. Firstly, how do the ingredients blend and should this affect my choice? The propylene glycerol carries the flavour, and the vegetable glycerine is what produces the clouds. The blend you choose will come down to the vape kit you use and the experience you want. If you just want the standard experience, then a 50:50 blend is best. However, for those who want to make bigger clouds – which are very popular in competitive circles –  and perhaps a gentler throat feel, then a higher vegetable glycerine content can help you to achieve this.  

Another common question is: how does the e-liquid break down when vaped? An e-liquid is akin to an aerosol and not steam, and so when used correctly, it breaks down into water and CO2, which is what you exhale. Depending on your kit and the setting, the vapour may be warm or cool.  

And Lastly: can your vape liquid go off? Once the bottle is opened and the air gets into it, it slowly begins to oxidise, but this is an extremely slow process, and so unless you keep it for over a year, it should be fine. Over time the colour may darken slightly, and the taste becomes a little sweeter. Often, juices with a higher nicotine content degrade more quickly.  

In Conclusion 

Your choice of e-liquid can have a huge impact on your vaping experience. Your vape kit itself might limit your options, so be sure to do your research beforehand. Also, don’t be afraid to try a few different types until you find the formula and flavour you like.  

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