Urtekram’s Tune In Soothing Lavender range; We seriously love it

Sunday 28th Mar 2021 |

With COVID-19 slowing down usually hectic lifestyles, Nordic beauty brand Urtekram is encouraging everyone to take a moment of peace and tune into the slow Nordic lifestyle with its new Tune In Soothing Lavender bodycare range.

With a calming natural scent of lavender, the range comprises of six bodycare products for a certified organic and natural beauty routine whereby relaxation is at the core. But whilst many of us are constantly using bodycare products without a moments thought, there are simply techniques to transform a regular routine into a Nordic wellbeing experience.

Denmark’s holistic expert, Line Friis shares her top tips on how to use Urtekram’s new Tune In range to create a more mindful experience.

Urtekram’s Tune In Soothing Lavender Shampoo

Always try to create a strong foam before applying the shampoo to your hair, this is not only better for the hair but makes it easier to wash out again. Do this by rubbing the shampoo together in your hands before applying.

Always wash your hair twice to make sure all of the styling products are washing out. Allow the shampoo to rest in the hair for a minute or two for the aroma to soak deeper into the hair.

Use Urtekram’s Tune In Soothing Lavender Shampoo, RRP £5.99, The Fragrance Shop

Urtekram’s Tune In Soothing Lavender Conditioner

For a beachy, tousled look for longer hair, bring your hairbrush into the shower and comb the hair while it’s wet and the conditioner is soaking into the hair. When you’re finished, simply rinse the conditioner out in the shower and dry your hair. Avoid brushing the hair anymore as this is how you create a nice beachy look.

Another good idea is while the conditioner works into the hair, do some feel good massage techniques which relax and also stimulate the hair.

1) Take a firm grip of all the hair and gather it to the top of the head as high as it goes. Twist it around to create a bun and continue to twist the bun until you can feel the stretch in your scalp. Hold the twist with your arm and stretch to one side and hold the position. Relax your shoulders and breathe through the nose. Slowly roll your neck forward and change your hands to the opposite side and repeat the process.

2) Place the palms on the top of your ears with elbows to the side. Press as hard as you can and release slowly. Repeat 3 times. This will help the pressure points above the ears which link to the liver and gall bladder and are connected to feelings of anger, irritation etc. This is particularly useful exercise after a hard day whereby you need to relax. Afterwards, move your hands up and down on the sides of your hair to invigorate the scalp.

Use Urtekram’s Tune In Soothing Lavender Conditioner, RRP £5.99, The Fragrance Shop

Urtekram’s Tune In Soothing Lavender Body Wash

Rub hands together with the soap before you use it and take a moment to breathe in the lavender aroma. 90% of all of your energy comes from inhalation and 70% of all the toxins in the body are released through exhalations. It’s the bottom of the lungs that oxygen gets released into the bloodstream making it even more important to take deep breaths.

When you shower, bring aromatherapy into the bathroom by hanging fresh herbs from the showerhead such as lavender sprigs. Not only will this smell really good but look nice in the bathroom.

Use Urtekram’s Tune In Soothing Lavender Body Wash, RRP £6.49, The Fragrance Shop

Urtekram’s Tune In Soothing Lavender Body Lotion

When you use the body lotion, use varying massage techniques depending if it’s night time or in the morning. In the morning, use a more dynamic flow massage to increase the energy in the body. When you use the body lotion, use upward moving strokes in the morning towards the heart (not forth and back). When you reach a joint, use circular motions around the joint to create flow in the body.

In the evening, the massages are more focused on lymphatic drainage and using pressure points to relax and calm the body.

Hack! Use the body lotion in the tips of your hair to act as a leave-in conditioner to leave hair feeling soft and smelling nice.

Use Urtekram’s Tune In Soothing Lavender Body Lotion, RRP £6.99, The Fragrance Shop

Urtekram’s Tune In Soothing Lavender Hand Wash

When you wash your hands, remember to take a few deep breaths as you wash. Taking 5 deep breaths has a positive effect on the nervous system for up to 4-6 hours afterwards.

For those with tired feet, take a towel and use a few pumps of the hand wash mixed with a small amount of water to create a foam.  Then use the towel to massage the feet for a relaxing experience.

Use Urtekram’s Tune In Soothing Lavender Hand Wash, RRP £6.99, The Fragrance Shop 

Urtekram’s Tune In Soothing Lavender Hand Cream

There are three techniques in which you can use the hand cream to increase blood circulation, focusing on the key pressure points in your hand.

For each technique, take a dollop of the hand cream and massage all over your hands.

1) Stretch your fingers backwards to open the meridians and create flow in the body. This will open the chakras, blood, heart energy. Take one finger at a time and feel where the stretch starts and hold the finger in its stretch for several seconds.

2) Wriggle the wrists back and forth, this will open up and loosen the joints. This will relax and release a lot of the fluid between the bones, especially beneficial for those sitting in front of a computer. 

3) Massage the triggerpoint between the thumb and index finger. Press deeply into the triggerpoint to massage the skin or circular movements around the thumb. Avoid this technique if you are pregnant. 

Use Urtekram’s Tune In Soothing Lavender Hand Cream, RRP £4.99, The Fragrance Shop 

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