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Unraveling the Mystery of Pet Allergies: How GetTested’s Pet Allergy Test UK Can Help

Monday 08th Jan 2024 |

Pet allergies are a common concern among animal lovers in the UK. While pets bring joy and companionship, they can also bring sneezes, sniffles, and discomfort for those with allergies. Understanding your allergies is the first step towards a happier life with your furry friends. This is where GetTested steps in with its revolutionary Pet Allergy Test.

The Reality of Pet Allergies

For many, the symptoms of pet allergies go beyond a mere runny nose or itchy eyes. These can escalate to more severe reactions, impacting daily life. Cats and dogs, as adorable as they are, can be potent allergen sources. Dog allergens are found in their hair, saliva, dander, and even urine, while cat allergens are prevalent in their fur, skin, and saliva.

The Solution: GetTested’s Pet Allergy Test

GetTested’s Pet Allergy Test UK offers a convenient and accurate way to identify allergies to dogs and cats. This easy-to-use home kit allows you to collect a blood sample in the comfort of your home and send it for analysis at an ISO 13485 certified lab. The test provides comprehensive results, including individual responses to both dog and cat allergens.

Beyond Basic Testing

For those who suspect allergies to other elements like pollen, food, or mites, GetTested provides a more extensive Allergy Test. This broad-spectrum test covers 36 additional allergens, ensuring a thorough understanding of your allergy profile.

Managing Pet Allergies

Once you’ve identified your allergens, there are several ways to manage them:

  1. Avoidance: Reducing contact with allergens is highly effective, though it can be challenging for pet owners.
  2. Medication: Antihistamines and prescription nasal sprays can offer relief from symptoms.
  3. Immunotherapy: A long-term solution that builds tolerance to allergens through controlled exposure.


GetTested’s Pet Allergy Test UK is more than just a test; it’s a gateway to a better life with your pets. Understanding your allergies helps in making informed decisions about your lifestyle and health. Don’t let allergies be a barrier between you and your pets. Embrace the joy of pet ownership with the confidence of knowing your allergy status.

Order your GetTested Pet Allergy Test today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier life with your pets. Learn more and make your purchase here allergy test for dogs uk.

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