unhealthy weight loss trends

Unhealthy year-end weight loss trends in the UK

Friday 08th Dec 2023 |

Body acceptance has become one of the top trends of 2023, with the #bodypositivity hashtag clocking up over 40 billion views on TikTok. However, a new nationwide study found that Britons are still turning to radical methods to shed a few pounds before the New Year.

AI-powered personal trainer app Zing Coach surveyed 2,000 people and found that 63% of adults are planning to lose weight ahead of the New Year celebrations. In an effort to get in shape, 18% of people have already spent money on boot camps, while 25% have turned to prescription medications in order to lose weight before the bell rings in 2024.

unhealthy weight loss trends

Fierce in their attempt to lose weight, nearly half (43%) are skipping social events to stick to their diet or exercise routine, and such an approach backfires — devastatingly, 1 in 5 have suffered an emotional breakdown when trying to get in shape for a special occasion. 

And once the weight loss milestone has been achieved, people tend to overeat — which again comes with consequences. Some 62% admit they’ve had health issues because of overeating after a strict diet, with 28% having suffered nausea and stomach aches, and another 9% experiencing headaches. For 18% of people, overeating results in feelings of depression and anxiety. 

Walter Gjergja, co-founder and Chief Wellness Officer at AI-powered personal trainer Zing Coach commented: “In the weeks ahead, many of us will pull on our favorite festive outfits and might realize they don’t button up quite as easily as they used to. Then comes the burning desire to ditch the carbs and jump on the treadmill. But the reality is, you can’t neglect your health for 11 months of the year and expect to get back in shape in just a few weeks, no matter how many fad diets, boot camp workouts, or miracle drugs you find that promise instant results. Becoming healthy takes time. As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race — but the good news is you could be in perfect shape by this time next year, in fact by summer, with the right routine, motivation, and commitment”

It’s common for those following intense diets to have low levels of sodium, which regulates the body’s fluid balance, for instance. The consequences are low blood pressure, dehydration, and, eventually, fainting — as such, 3% of respondents have fainted in public because of an extreme diet.